Tropical ‘Disturbance’ to Possibly Bring Heavy Flooding to Florida, Surrounding States

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Sean Rayford/Getty Images)

Devastating tornadoes wreaked havoc on southern states including Texas and Florida late last week. However, the Sunshine State and surrounding regions could expect to see severe weather of their own in the coming days. Currently, yet another tropical “disturbance” is beginning to form over the Southwest Atlantic. Forecasters predict this new storm system could potentially bombard states including Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas with heavy flooding.

The New York Post reports the newest onslaught of weather extremes comes as easterly to northeasterly winds push a “substantial” amount of water toward coastal communities. This potential flooding comes just weeks after the Category 4 hurricane, Ian, ravaged Florida’s west coast and other towns and cities across the south. Forecasters believe flooding could be especially heavy during periods of high tide.

FOX Forecast Center predicts that the new wave of heavy storms could arrive as early as November 8th. In addition to high seas, weather experts have warned of heavy rainfall, rough surf, gusty winds, and beach erosion.

The Atlantic tropical disturbance is expected to begin ravaging the Bahamas first. It will then move to densely populated Florida cities like Orlando and Miami. Heavy winds are expected more broadly along the southeast coast. Gusts are expected to reach 40 miles per hour and will stretch across beaches spanning from FL to North Carolina.

The news outlet states that wind danger becomes especially high as speeds surpass 40 miles per hour. At this point, downed tree limbs become a problem, and navigating “high-profile” bridges becomes more difficult. Forecasters also expect “small pockets” of power outages across the southeast.

Heavy Rainfall Poses Serious Problem for Florida Communities Still Recovering From Ian Flooding

High winds remain a major concern amid the approaching tropical disturbance. But meteorologists are worried that heavy rainfall could have severe impacts on communities just beginning to recover from Hurricane Ian.

Though weeks have passed, the outlet reports some rivers across the state are still “elevated” from Ian. And, therefore, they can’t sustain much more heavy rainfall. Still, if the disturbance does bring severe weather to FL, it’s likely flooding will occur in most low-lying areas. This is most heavily expected at times of high tide.

Unfortunately, the National Hurricane Center stated that, whether or not this tropical disturbance becomes strong enough to earn a name, it will nevertheless impact regions bordering the Southeastern coast. FOX Weather Meteorologist Kiyana Lewis said whether “it develops into a tropical storm or not, we will see a very gusty couple of days along the Southeast coastline.” Further, forecasters are expecting half a foot of rain over the next several days, specifically impacting areas along and east of Interstate 95 north of Miami through Charleston, South Carolina.

Forecasters have stated that if the tropical disturbance over the Atlantic does elevate to a tropical storm, it would represent the 14th of the season.