Two Fatalities Confirmed Following Deadly Texas Tornadoes

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/ Warren Faidley)

At least 18 tornadoes ripped through the south-central region of the country this weekend. These deadly weather systems left two dead and dozens injured as they ripped through areas of Texas and Oklahoma, leaving devastation in their wake in areas throughout both south-central US states.

According to reports, at least two people lost their lives with the deadly tornadoes hitting the region Friday. The first report of a death related to the tornadoes came from McCurtain County Oklahoma. Several residents suffered injuries as this same system passed through. Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt announced that a 90-year-old man lost his life when the tornadoes ripped through. Officials haven’t reported any further fatalities in the Sooner state as search and rescue efforts continue.

Officials soon reported a second death as a result of the deadly storm systems, this one in the Lonestar State. County officials in Morris County Texas are announcing that one resident was killed. This comes after the tornadoes moved through the area. In total, three tornadoes passed through the county on Friday, reports note.

Over A Hundred Homes And Businesses Face Disaster After The Deadly Storms Hit the Area

According to the Oklahoma governor, over 100 homes and businesses faced destruction as the storms moved through the area. As a result, Governor Stitt has declared a state of emergency in the area.

“I will declare a state of emergency in affected counties,” notes Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt.

“To ensure these communities have support and resources from the state,” he adds in a statement.

Residents Took Shelter Immediately In Life-Threatening Conditions

Residents in the Dallas/Fort Worth region of Texas experienced multiple tornado warnings on Friday. Weather experts and officials quickly advised people within this area to seek shelter immediately as life-threatening conditions were a concern with these fronts.

“Atmospheric conditions are favorable for severe storms,” the National Weather Service for Fort Worth Texas said Friday.

Reports note that multiple homes and businesses were destroyed throughout the Texas counties as well as in Oklahoma. A disaster was declared within the Dallas/Fortworth areas among others including the northeast county of Lamar.

“If you do not live in the [storm-affected] areas of Lamar County, please stay away,” notes the Lamar County Sheriff’s Office in a social media post on Friday evening. “If you don’t have to leave home, please stay home,” the officials add in the message.