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VIDEO: Lightning Bolt Nails Moving Car

by Emily Morgan
Video Lightning Bolt Nails Moving Car
Photo by: Eshma

One unfortunate motorist had one story to rule them all after a lightning bolt zapped their moving car. As seen in a now-viral clip making its rounds on the internet, the driver heads down a street as bad weather moves in. Then, in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, a bolt zaps the vehicle, sending it flying as smoke billows out of the windows. 

Check out the electrifying clip below.  

After the clip was uploaded, many users took to the replies to leave their thoughts on the Final Destination-themed post. Some even commented about their own near-death experiences with lightning. 

“I’ve been struck a few times,” wrote one user. “Once in car, passenger seat as a kid. Driver said it hit the roof but I remember sound and vision faded to white temporarily, then all of a sudden this reality fades back in.” They continued, “I have to plug my ears when I start to see lightning flash. Apparently I attract it.” 

Another commented on the fact that several good samaritans ran towards the car after the bolt struck the vehicle. “This is a great video, honestly! Everyone running up to check on them and their well-being,” they wrote with the prayer-hands emoji.  

If you watched the clip and now have anxiety about getting behind the wheel, us too. However, we’ve got some news that will alleviate your concerns. 

What happens if your car is struck by lightning

According to the National Weather Service, even if lightning strikes your car, you’ll likely be okay. Thankfully, the car’s outer metal shell acts as a shield of protection for everyone inside. Additionally, a vehicle acts as a Faraday cage, which is a grounded metal screen. This lets electricity pass around it instead of into it. 

In most instances of lightning hitting cars, the electricity strikes the antenna and moves along the metal exterior and to the ground without hurting the people inside. 

However, this doesn’t mean your car is safe. Most people report that their car’s electrical system, antenna, tires, or rear windshield take a significant hit once they’ve been pounded with cloud-to-car chaos.  

In addition, people inside the car may see a small burst of sparks when the lightning strikes the metal, which can burn and melt it.

If the discharge from the lightning strike makes it to the car’s internal electrical system, it could also be permanently damaged. As a result, your car may be undrivable, especially in this day and age when most cars primarily depend on electrical components. 

Unfortunately, the tires may also be done for or heavily damaged. Lightning passes through and touches the steel rims on its way to the ground. Damage to the rear windshield may happen. This is because the lighting can enter the defrosting wires and shatter the glass around them.