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Video Reveals Tornado Damage on Alabama Apartment Complex Resulting in Complete Destruction

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images)

The Storm Prediction Center states that at least 29 tornado reports came in between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning after multiple tornadoes ravaged areas across the Southeast. In the aftermath of the storm, one viral video reveals the extent of the damage dealt to an Alabama apartment complex.

Footage of the scene is absolutely apocalyptic. Tornadoes completely tore off the roof of the Alabama apartment complex, forced windows and walls to collapse in on bedrooms and living rooms, ripped insulation out of walls and ceilings, and left electrical wires lying across all of it.

Per WeatherNation’s caption, weather experts have yet to determine whether the storm that ripped apart this Eutaw, Alabama complex was the work of tornadoes. Although, given the extent of the damage, many viewers were doubtful it could have been anything else.

“IF it was a tornado?” one Twitter user commented, dumbfounded. “What, if anything else on earth, can saw off the top of an entire apartment complex and leave the rest of the building still standing?? NOTHING…What else could it be?”

Others shared similar reactions to the heartbreaking footage.

“I agree,” they wrote. “Seeing such devastation and then to question whether or not it was a tornado is asinine. They need to find a better way to word these things.”

A third commenter simply added, “I’ll go with tornado. These people…” adding a sad emoji at the end of their comment.

At Least Two Dead After Tornadoes Ravage the Southeast

Aside from structural damage, reports out of Alabama state at least two people died during the storm. A third sustained significant injuries.

CNN reported on the Alabama death toll Wednesday morning. Officials state that the two confirmed fatalities took place in the Flatwood area near Montgomery, Alabama on Wednesday. Still, despite the tragic loss, Montgomery County Emergency Management Director Christina Thornton praised the hard work of first responders that kept the state’s death toll to a minimum.

Speaking with the news outlet, she said, “Thanks to the heroic efforts of our first responders many other lives were saved.”

She offered her condolences to those experiencing the ultimate loss.

“We pray for our community as we mourn this tragic loss of lives,” Thornton added.

Severe Storms Leave Behind Damage in Multiple Southeastern States

Although Alabama seemed to sustain the brunt of the damage brought on by the recent tornadoes, severe storms left behind significant levels of destruction in Mississippi and Louisiana as well.

Reports state that the steeple of a church was ripped off by tornadoes in Mississippi while a Lowndes County grocery store sustained significant damage. Students at Mississippi State University were asked to shelter in place Tuesday night as storms ravaged the area. Classes at two of the university’s campuses were taught remotely earlier in the day while multiple dining halls were closed.

The National Weather Service also encouraged residents in Caldwell Parish, Louisiana to seek shelter around 7 p.m. Tuesday as, at the time, they reported a “likely destructive tornado on the ground now.”