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Violent Tornado Severely Damages Buildings in Louisiana

by Amy Myers
Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images

The city of New Iberia, Louisiana is currently dealing with the aftermath of a tornado that ripped through the neighborhoods, forcing 60 families out of their homes.

The tornado took place near the Southport subdivision, where it began its path of destruction, damaging several homes there. As it made its way across New Iberia, the natural disaster blew the windows out of a medical center, sending glass shards and debris flying onto the parking lot and vehicles below.

“On the other side of town, the Iberia Medical Center, the hospital has sustained a significant amount of damage as well,” New Iberia police said in a video on Facebook.

Thankfully, according to authorities, there weren’t any deaths as a direct result of the natural disaster. In fact, the casualty count was relatively low for how much destruction it had caused.

“There are still no fatalities in the area. One injury was moderate,” Police Sergeant Dayesha Hughes told FOX Weather. “There are about 60 families that are displaced at this time.” 

Photos demonstrated homes in all phases of destruction, from minor debris to entire trailer homes flipped on their sides.

Roughly 2,300 Homes Without Power During Louisiana Tornado

In order to provide a bit more safety to search and rescue efforts, the local electric company shut off power. According to Poweroutage.US, at one point, 2,300 homes and businesses lost power. Among the responding teams on the scene were Red Cross and United Way, which helped find shelter for those without a home or without electricity.

“That one subdivision has some damage to the power grid. And we probably lost five or six homes, as well as some of the apartment complex, the roofs of two others,” New Iberia Mayor Freddie DeCourt told FOX Weather.

New Iberia Mayor Freddie DeCourt stated that the power company won’t be able to restore electricity until they can begin repairing the major line damage on Thursday. Meanwhile, other residents can expect to have power back by Wednesday evening.

That said, DeCourt is happy that the town could prepare for the tornado by shutting down schools and local businesses.

“We were very blessed that they had the foresight to close school today,” the mayor said. “So with all of the warnings and the predictions for bad weather, our schools were closed today.”

Still, there’s much work to do in the area, and it may be dangerous to travel through New Iberia until crews finish repairs. For that reason, police are advising that residents adhere to any closures, especially by the hospital.

“We ask all citizens please avoid the area,” police said in an interview with FOX Weather. “Stay away from the area. We do have power lines that are down and live across the road and in yards.”