WATCH: Homeowner Films Massive Tornado Ripping Through Neighborhood From Their Front Yard

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/Chris Kridler)

It’s that time of year when terrifying weather is hitting all across the US. Major storms are developing as fronts move through areas all over the country, mixing cool air with warm air. This, we know can cause so much more than just rain. And, often heavy winds and tornados are part of the equation. And, one homeowner has captured a wild video of exactly this. Recording a massive tornado as it rips through the neighborhood. All from their front yard.

A Shocking Recording Shows The Moment A Massive Tornado Rips Through A Neighborhood

In a recent Insta post from the Nature Is Metal page we see a wild video of an intense tornado. We witness the massive twister move as it causes major damage in a neighborhood. The video is incredibly wild as we see the tornado ripping through the area. Massive plumes fly back up as it tears through the neighborhood.

At one point, the person filming the event zooms in and we see a little duck wandering about in the yard. We wonder if this wandering wildlife creature has any idea what is going on as the tornado creates some intense damage just a short distance away. At another point in the recording, the person filming zooms out and we see the massive storm cloud from which the tornado has dropped. It’s a terrifying sight, no doubt. This isn’t a weak twister at all.

“His Name Is Guthrie”

As the video posted to the Nature Is Metal Instagram page unfolds in a terrifying fashion, the post comments on the weather phenomenon commenting on the life this tornado seems to take on. And, the post goes a little further with this theme joking with viewers about how important it is to work on “domesticating” a twister such as this one.

“His Name Is Guthrie,” the Insta caption quips. According to the post, this wild video was recorded earlier this year in April. And, even though Guthrie caused some intense damage, there were only a “handful of injuries reported in his wake.”

“This is why keeping your pets on a leash is so important,” the caption jokes.

“Domesticating a twister is anything but an exact science,” the message continues. The Nature Is Metal caption adds that one can see “the results of looking to craigslist for a windproof enclosure has its drawbacks.”

The hilarious caption goes on to note that this is why the “Nature is Metal scientists have been working day and night on a permanent solution to this problem.” And, the findings will be published in a “highly reputable and peer reviewed magazine” that was just made up.

“We also intend to release a line of leashes and harnesses, rated for everything up to an F3,” the caption adds.

“[S]o that walking your tempest (which is the preferred name for a domesticated tornado) becomes a rewarding treat,” the message notes. “[Instead] of a stage four regional evacuation.”