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WATCH: Tesla Camera Records Insane Video Inside Louisiana Tornado

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

Earlier this week, 20 tornadoes ripped their way across Louisiana, injuring dozens and, sadly, causing three confirmed fatalities. Video footage has emerged online of the tornadoes and the wreckage days after the storm. However, one clip, captured by a Tesla camera, gives viewers a peek inside one of the handfuls of tornadoes to devastate the state earlier this week. Check it out.

The early part of the clip seems to record what looks like your average rainstorm. Wind blows down the street and rain soaks the camera lens. However, things become more intense as, in the background of the Tesla video, we see the tornado come into view. Swirling black clouds and dangerous winds bring destruction to the street and topple a box truck. The end of the clip sees debris from the truck and nearby homes littering the road.

According to the Daily Mail, the tornado captured on video by the Tesla camera qualified as a devastating EF-2. This particular twister formed near Gretna, LA, which is close to New Orleans. Fox 8 Live captured additional overhead footage showing two of the homes nearby with their roofs seemingly peeled off.

The news outlet reports that a total of 21 tornadoes struck LA within 24 hours on Wednesday. Aside from multiple injuries, three people were left dead, including a 56-year-old grandmother, Allison Alexander, after her mobile home was completely torn to shreds. Her body was found in her neighbor’s driveway, the woman was pronounced dead at the scene after sustaining severe head injuries. The woman’s sister and her grandsons, 4 and 9, were also left with serious injuries.

Tornado Survivor Recalls Terrifying Scene Moments After Twister Rips Through Community

In addition to Allison Alexander, authorities recorded two other deaths in the wake of the string of tornadoes to impact the Southern state on Wednesday. Hours after tornadoes ripped through, officials located the bodies of a 30-year-old mother, Yoshiko A. Smith, and her 8-year-old son, Nikolus Little. Their neighbors, Linda Barry and her fiancé, recalled the terrifying moments after a tornado ripped through her community, reflecting on the screams of her neighbors in the aftermath.

Speaking about the experience—which likely looked similar to the tornado in the Tesla clip above—with news outlets, Barry said she could not describe the “fear we felt when we saw and heard [the tornado] come right at us in our yard. We ran as fast as we could [to the bedroom].”

As the tornado ripped through her neighborhood, Barry said she and her fiancé hunkered down under a mattress. She said, “There’s no reason at all that me and my fiancé are still here except for God. It was like God laid over top of us.”

Even more terrifying, though, she said, were the screams of her neighbors after the tornado passed through.

Reflecting on the traumatic experience, she said, “They were screaming so loud. It was the screams. I think it was worse when they stopped screaming.”