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WATCH: Texas Drivers Frantically Turn Around to Escape as Tornado Rips Across Highway

by Suzanne Halliburton

What a scary scene. Earlier this week, people outside Dallas encountered a tornado as they drove down a busy state highway.

The tornado was among more than a dozen than spun down in north Texas as a potent storm system swept through the area. It’s the same system that dropped snow all across the Midwest and is now morphing into a nor’easter as it churns through New York and through New England.

The storm system in Texas hit moist, warm hair. Although it’s mid-December, a cold front hitting unstable, warm air will form these funnels, which usually happen in the spring and summer. The funnels this week all happened just west of Dallas.

You can check out the video below. This one unfolded in Grapevine on State Highway 114. It’s near the D-FW Airport, one of the biggest in the country. It all begs the question — what would you do if you encountered a tornado on the open road? At least one of the drivers did a U-turn, flipping directions on a major one-way thoroughfare.

The drivers knew they were facing something dangerous. The funnel cloud ripped through some businesses on the highway. The tornado forced the likes of Sam’s Club and a Walmart to shut down. The nearby Grapevine Mills Mall also closed.

Fortunately, there were no serious injuries.

Texans likely remember a vivid viral driving scene from late spring. That’s when a 16-year-old outside of Austin was driving on a rural highway to get to a job interview. A tornado flipped the truck on its side, then turned it back upright. Riley Leon was the driver. He kept his wits about him and managed to drive away. A storm chaser got it all on video.

Meanwhile, about 180 miles away, storm chaser Reed Timmer shot footage of a tornado wall cloud as he drove through East Texas. He shared the video with the comment: “Shots of tornadic supercells today in East Texas. Hearing reports this tornado north of Keachi, LA caused bad damage to Four Points.” You can check out the scene here.

Timmer also described a scene when he was outside Shreveport. La. He said the spot was where a PDS (particularly dangerous situation) tornado had been in effect earlier in the day.

“Thankfully though, the confirmed tornado that prompted that warning, a little bit further off to the southwest, right near the Louisiana-Texas border, that was a relatively quick tornado.”

“That tornado appeared large and quite strong, you could actually see the top part of that tornado, you could see the tornado cyclone above it.”