WATCH: Wild Videos Are Coming in Showing the Insane Depth of the New York Snow

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Joshua Thermidor for The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Regions of the Northeast and New England were treated to another early snowfall on Friday, however, areas across western New York were absolutely slammed. Heavy snow descended on multiple cities across upstate New York, but Buffalo received anywhere from four to six feet. A day later, videos have begun to emerge on social media capturing the absolutely insane amount of snow that fell across the state.

Talk about a winter wonderland. Though there are still several weeks until Christmas, the above clip does not look unlike a holiday snow globe. The video sees a New York resident and her snow-loving pooch trudging their way through mounds of snow. Viewers shared diverse reactions to the New York snowstorm in the comments.

“Man, this is the definition of happiness,” one viewer commented. Another added, “You guys are adorable lol.”

Others, however, pointed out some of the dangers that accompany such a major snowstorm. Reacting to the feet of snow that settled on the house in the background, a third Twitter user asked, “When are the roofs in danger of collapse from the weight of the snow?” to which another person forewarned, “Now.”

A second Tweet shows another pup taking in the Buffalo snowfall, though much less enthusiastically than the four-legged New Yorker above. Check it out.

Viewers watch as the pup’s owner opens the front door and the dog, taking in the snow, debates whether or not he actually wants to go outside. He steps out the door with tentative paws, coming back inside uncertain. However, his owner continues to encourage him. Suddenly, he hops out into the snow … and completely disappears beneath the mounds. Snow-covered, he darts back into the warmth of the house.

“Honestly don’t know how people live with that!” one person wrote. Another simply said, “Oh my.”

‘Thundersnow’ Rumbles Western New York

There’s no doubt you’ve experienced a thunderstorm before, but what about thundersnow? Though it is incredibly rare, thundersnow is a real weather phenomenon, and one that just a handful of New York residents were able to experience on Friday.

In addition to several feet of snow, areas across Buffalo, New York also experienced the rare thundersnow phenomenon. One storm chaser captured heavy snowfall blanketing a local parking lot while, simultaneously, thunder rumbled overhead and lighting the sky a mesmerizing purple-blue.

Oddly enough though, not all of Buffalo was treated to the strange weather phenomenon. In fact, some parts of upstate New York didn’t even see much snow. While some regions were dealt a full hand of storm-induced weather, others saw a thin coating of snow falling from a bright blue late-fall sky.

Further, forecasters predict the storm is far from over. Fox Weather winter storm specialist Tom Niziol expects the early weekend event to be long-lived, lasting approximately 36 hours. He said, “Total snowfall that still is to come will be in feet rather than inches.”