West Virginia Angler Hooks Three Monster Catfish and the State Record

by Jonathan Howard

Ah, the great outdoors. There’s some good fishing in West Virginia, and one angler reminded everyone of that as they reeled a record catfish on a big day of fishing. Just imagine reeling in not one, not two, but three monster cats on the same day. It’s enough to give even the most amateur of anglers goosebumps.

West Virginia Has Monster Catfish

Just a man and his dog on the Kanawha River. Steven Price and Daisy set out that day to get some fish. However, the flathead catfish that started to come in were more than what they likely expected. He was talking to a friend about just missing out on a 40 to 50-pound catch…then…

Price gave it another try. He struck. The monster fish he started to pull in might have been that first one, but it felt bigger and stronger. So, he believes this was an entirely different beast. He managed to hook and pull this one in. It weighed right around 56 pounds, one of the biggest ever caught in the state.

But, he wasn’t done. He kept fishing and all of a sudden, he hit a blue catfish that was much bigger than the one he had just caught. His third hook and second catch of the day netted him a monster. The biggest ever in the state. West Virginia has monster catfish, that’s for sure. And, this one weighed 67.22 pounds and was also a state record length of 50.7 inches.

Check out the pictures here.

Rare Gar Caught in Texas

Justin Jordan and Terrell Maguire with Lotus Guide Service learned that melanistic gar are a real thing and they are really awesome to behold. What a catch for these two fishermen. And, what a great post for their followers to see.

Check out the great photos below and see them for yourself.

The two were just as flabbergasted as some of the folks that were looking at the photos. The great thing about fishing though, everyone has a story to match whatever story that you might have. No matter how big, no matter what unusual trait or rare beauty like this alligator gar, someone else has been there, done that, and made a habit out of it.

I haven’t fished much alligator gar in my life, but it seems like it would be a good time. They are feisty animals and put up a good fight from what I’ve seen. This fish looks huge, and shoutout to the Lotus guys for sharing their memory for everyone to see.

When you see a fish you’ve never seen for the first time, it can be a very thrilling experience. I’m sure these two got a kick out of this rare gar.