West Virginia Angler Reels in Massive Trout From Wheelchair

by Joe Rutland

Fishermen are known to follow their hunches. For James Cowie, a West Virginia angler, doing that very thing led him to a sweet catch.

Now Cowie, who is a paraplegic, will go out pretty regularly to Anderson Lake in Dunbar, W.Va. On this particular day, he needed to get some repairs done on his wheelchair lift. Fishing wasn’t on his to-do list.

But he had a sense or a feeling about stopping by his favorite fishing hole. As Cowie is driving home, he decides to stop and see what was happening. It seems his intuition got dialed in that day.

When he reaches the fishing ramp area for people in wheelchairs, the other fishermen told him some big news. Cowie didn’t know if anyone else would be there, but a few were.

West Virginia Angler Finds A Couple Of Hours For Fishing

“They said the stock truck had been there,” Cowie, a West Virginia angler who lives in Charleston, W.Va., said. “The crew had put the fish in near the handicap dock, and the people there made sure I had room to get my wheelchair onto the dock.”

Because he hadn’t planned on fishing on this rather cold day, Cowie hadn’t properly dressed for the elements. As a paraplegic, it’s important for him to keep his lower extremities protected and warm.

Cowie, though, thought he had a couple of hours to spare. If that happens, then what does a fisherman do? Get the rod, reel, and bait and go fishing.

He overheard the other fishermen talk about some type of “supertrout” that had been tossed into the lake by the hatchery crew. In fact, it was a big-daddy rainbow trout waiting for someone to nab it.

Well, Cowie managed to hook and lose four trout. He wasn’t having much luck with what he was using as bait.

Angler Takes One More Shot And Comes Up A Winner

“Toward the end, I decided to try some Salmon/Peach PowerBait with a little bit of nightcrawler,” he said. “I had decided to head home. I threw out one last time, and danged if I didn’t hook into the big one.”

Yes sir, the battle was on between Cowie and the “supertrout.”

The battle was intense as the trout managed to take pretty much all of Cowie’s reel and stretch it out across the lake.

Ultimately, the trout gave up and Cowie, with some help from his friends, pulled in the big one.

“It was 26 inches long, and it weighed close to 11 pounds,” Cowie said. “The picture doesn’t really do it justice because it doesn’t show how thick it was. The girth on it was ungodly.”

He took a couple of photos with the big catch but released the rainbow trout into the lake.

Cowie said he brings some kids and disabled veterans to the area for some fishing action. The West Virginia angler released it with the hopes that they could possibly catch the “super trout” themselves.

Just another fantastic fishing story that makes you want to go find a lake somewhere and catch that elusive big one.

H/T: wvgazettemail.com