West Virginia Announces 1st Wild Boar Hunting Lottery for Upcoming Season

by Matthew Wilson

Release the pigs. West Virginia has more than just country roads. The state will soon hold its first wild boar hunting lottery for a few lucky hunters.

Forget millions of dollars, the right to hunt wild boars is the subject of this lottery. And the memories these fortunate hunters will make along the way are sure to be priceless. Boar hunting has been legal during past hunting seasons in the state. But only resident hunters with a certain class of license were allowed to participate.

The lottery will give 200 hunters the opportunity to hunt the animal during the season, Feb. 5-7. Hunters may only kill one boar, with both sexes being fair game. Reportedly, the hunting grounds will be 8,000 acres of private land in Logan County. Usually, this private land is off-limits to most hunters.

Unfortunately for out of staters, the lottery is only open to resident hunters. Applications will be open between Jan. 5 to Jan. 14.

Stephen McDaniel, director of the West Virginia DNR said, “We are so excited to be offering this lottery to resident hunters. Because there are limited places in West Virginia where you can hunt wild boar. Most of the wild boar range in West Virginia lies within the confines of private land. So this lottery could end up being the opportunity of a lifetime for a few lucky boar hunters.”

Boars Will Be Scattered This Season

According to a local biologist, hunters better wear their walking boots. Because the animal will be more scattered this season due to food sources.

“Wild boars depend on available hard mast, and while hickory and beech production are down for 2020 in the four wild boar counties, acorn production is up,” Nick Huffman, DNR wildlife biologist told WVDNR. “Boars will utilize this food source and will be scattered due to abundant acorn crops, which means hunters will need to cover more terrain to find feeding areas.”

For 200 hunters, it will soon be open season next month.