Whales Take Tourists for a Ride in Crazy Encounter

by Megan Molseed
Getty Images

It was likely one of the most exciting moments a group of tourists has experienced while taking a boat ride on the ocean. Some might even say the people on the boat had a “whale of a time” as a unique and unexpected co-captain joined the group, giving the tourists an exciting ride in an impressive encounter with a gray whale.

Sure, the waters just off the Mexico coastline are endlessly breathtaking and a boat ride among these sights makes for some phenomenally unforgettable experiences. However, few have ever encountered a memorable boat ride such as the one group of tourists recently shared when a gray whale swam by the water vessel for a little playtime. The unexpected visitor even took the tourists for a little joy ride when the whale lifted the boat, pulling it along the ocean waves.

Tourists In Mexico Have A ‘Whale of a Time’ When A Playful Grey Whale Takes Them For an Unexpected Ride

Who knows, it could have taken a turn towards a Moby Dick theme…but there was no consuming desire for revenge or retribution in this story. Instead, it simply became a fun moment between tourists and whale. One that few are likely to truly believe, were it not for the video that proves it. You can watch the impressive footage here.

“I’ve been there many times and this never happens!” says Lory Barra, one of the women who was on the boat when the whale decided to take the crew for a ride during the March 8 boat ride off the coast of Guerrero Negro, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

“She was having so much fun coming to us all for pets and kisses,” Barra continues of the incredible moment with the impressive ocean resident.

This extremely rare moment lasted around two hours as the 30-ton whale carried the vessel – which was about half the whale’s size – and the tourists across the surface of the water. According to reports, the female ocean beast was in her mating and breeding lagoon when she stopped to give the tourists the ride of their lives.

An Exciting Whale Encounter…’She’s Taking Us For A Ride!’

The video taken of the exciting and unusual moment starts off with the tourists noticing the playful mammal as she appears next to the ocean vessel. There is plenty of “oooh’s and awwws” abound as the whale greets the passengers on the boat. However, the memorable moment hits a new level of excitement when the whale moves over, hoisting the boat onto its back; moving the passengers across the water.

“She’s taking us for a ride,” Barra exclaims as she puts her hand in the water while the whale continues to pull the boat. “I can’t believe this.”

Eventually, the gray whale decides she is done giving the tourists a ride across the water. And soon, with a flip of her pectoral fin, that appears to in actuality be a farewell wave, the gray whale disappears…descending back into the ocean waters.