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What NOT to Pack Into The Woods: Ways to Save Weight on a Trek

by Kayla Zadel
Outsider Youtube

If you’re planning a camping trip and are trying to pack light, or maybe only allowed to bring one pack, then this post is for you. Packing light and saving weight just might make your camping trip that much more enjoyable.

This is our top five list of what not to pack on an excursion.

1. Do Not Pack Denim

Unnecessary clothing, including denim, is the first on our list. Denim takes up a lot of room and each pair typically weighs around 2 to 3 pounds.

Additionally, if it gets wet it takes a very long time to dry out. As a matter of fact, limit your clothing and make good choices and pack versatile clothing options.

2. Save Weight by Not Packing Multiples

Save on extra room and weight by not packing too many extra things. This includes packing multiple items of the same nature.

It’s ok to have extra batteries and a couple sources to start a fire. But when you starting have three or more, it will only weigh down your pack.

3. Bring Only Necessary Kitchen Items

Now there’s basically a kitchen tool for everything. One to cut things, another to chop, and one to stir, and then another to eat. You get the idea here. But when you’re going camping you only need the bare necessities here.

There are so many great compact kitchen appliances that serve more than one purpose. Invest here to save weight and space on your next camping trip.

Bonus Tip: pack freeze-dried food on your next outdoor adventure. Then only a spork will be needed and you will be extra lightweight.

4. Don’t Bring Bulky Items

This tip especially applies to sleeping arrangements. Don’t pack bulky pillows, sleeping bags, or mattresses. There are great options when it comes to gear that is not big and is light in weight.

Additionally, look for a compression sleeping bag. These types of bags have the option to push out all the air and roll up nicely for a better fit in your pack.

5. Don’t Bring ‘One-Use’ Items

This is kind of a reoccurring theme here, but bring a tool that serves more than one purpose. This Leatherman Signal is a great multitool.

Another example is skipping on the toilet paper (yes, you read that right). Instead, bring wet wipes. These can take the place of the toilet tissue and also give you the option to wipe down the rest of your body.

We hope this helps you filter out what not to pack into the woods. However, packing right is just as important and packing light. Check out this video on 5 essentials to pack when you’re in the woods.