Whitetail Deer Hunting Competition at Lake of the Ozarks Drawing Hunters From All Over U.S.

by Matthew Wilson

The Ozarks are inviting hunters from across the country for the opportunity to hunt whitetail deer and also earn large cash prizes as well.

How much cash? There’s $150,000 and bragging rights on the table for various participants. Whoever lands the biggest buck can score $18,000. The Whitetail Trophy Hunt also partnered with Show Me Showdown to add $55,000 to the pot every five years.

The competition is very similar to popular fishing tournaments. Except, you know, replace bass with deer, and rods with rifles. Don and Craig Danuser are the organizers behind the Lake of the Ozarks trophy hunt. They will hold the competition during the second week of November. And the competition is already fierce.

Hunters Will Take on Whitetail Deer at Lake of the Ozarks

Hunters will have quite the distance to plan their upcoming hunt. The competition takes place on 30,000 acres of forestry and farmland. The hunting area stretches from Montreal to Brumley. For 33 years, the Danuser family has been inviting hunters to prove that they’re the best of the best.

Organizers will place deer stands in the wooded areas with a shooting range of between 50 to 250 yards. Placement will be based upon a random daily drawing.

The entry price for the hunt can be steep for those hunting on a budget. To enter, hunters pay around $3,195. But that fee includes lodging, hunting, a hunting license as well as food for the hunter and their families for four nights. In total, there are 220 spots in the hunt. For hunters that place in the top 20, they are welcomed back next year free of charge. Prize money starts at 10th place and higher.

For those interested in the competition, unfortunately, the competition is already sold completely out. But for those looking to prove their hunting prowess, the organization already is accepting sign ups for 2022.