Wild Horses Crash Trail Ride, Almost Attack Riders in Heart-Pounding Clip

by Amy Myers

A couple on horseback found themselves on the brink of a scuffle when a herd of wild horses decided to crash their trail ride. Thankfully, everyone came away without any hoof or bite marks.

Jade Armendariz and her boyfriend often post their adventures with their hooved family members. When they’re not caring for their horses on the property, the two are taking them for a ride near their southern California home.

That’s what Armendariz and her Marine boyfriend were doing when they noticed four horses and one pony canter towards their group. Almost immediately, two wild horses sidled up near Armendariz, the larger even attempting to kick the equestrian’s steed.

Take a look.

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Thankfully, the TikToker is an incredibly skilled rider and calmly but swiftly moved out of the path of the antagonistic intruder. But the trouble didn’t end there. The wild horses seemed to zero in on Armendariz and followed her path. Seconds later, Armendariz’s boyfriend and his horse helped ward off the wild herd, brushing them off their tails for good.

TikTokers Fill in the Context of the Tense Moment Between Horses

Even though Armendariz and her boyfriend were in total control during the encounter, it was still pretty intense. Had the rider’s horse not felt safe, it could have tried to break loose or even buck her off. Luckily, there was a happy ending for all involved, and afterward, fellow TikTokers and their hilarious reactions to the clip.

“That horse was like ‘Bro, did you know there was a human on your back? Let me take care of that for you!'” one viewer said, speaking for the brave wild horse that tried to kick Armendariz’s ride.

“Personally I’d be watching out for the pony. It’s always the small ones,” another joked.

Though, typically, it is true that ponies can be temperamental.

Another viewer theorized that these horses weren’t wild at all. Rather, they were from a domesticated that was still learning how to behave.

“(I) don’t think they were wild probably domesticated but allowed to run free,” the TikToker shared.

They continued, “even if it wasn’t new horses will always fight a little before they get used to each other.”

Whatever the case, it was clear that this herd didn’t take too kindly to outsiders. Whether Armendariz and her crew ever ran into the wild horses again is unknown. But we can imagine that they are a bit more alert when they take that trail again.

In the meantime, they’ll keep spoiling their horses on the ranch, including giving makeovers.

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