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Wild Turkey Attacks on the Rise as Populations Flourish

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by: Arthur Gurmankin/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Wild Turkey attacks against humans are on the rise. Now, we’re left to wonder what could have caused this. Could decades of turkey pardoning be making the wild turkey population more brazen with their crimes? It’s more likely that the wild turkey population is booming and people are encroaching on their habitat. Either way, these large tasty birds are taking to the streets and wreaking havoc.  

The truth is, wild turkeys were once nearly extinct. However, now their numbers are on the rise and they have become a feathered menace for several American cities and are fighting for space.

Let’s look at a few examples of wild turkey attacks in recent years.

Wild Turkey Attacks New Jersey Woman in Her Home

Back in September of 2013, 70-year-old Marie Manco was spending a relaxing morning at home. Then, without warning, she found herself in the middle of an unprovoked wild turkey attack. According to CNN, the tom turkey burst through Manco’s skylight and started destroying everything in sight. The homeowner hid in her room and called 911. When they arrived, the turkey jumped through the kitchen window and rand, evading capture. In the end, the turkey did about $7,000 worth of damage to the home. It left behind cracked walls, shattered glass, feathers, and feces.

Turkeys Attack Postal Workers

In 2009, mail carriers in Grand Haven, Michigan found themselves at the center of a wild turkey attack story. Grand Haven-area mail carrier Jeremy Bogerd was pecked in the leg by an aggressive tom. He told M Live, “As soon as they see us, they’re after us. They’re not afraid of humans.” A group of up to nine turkeys chased mail carriers through one Grand Haven neighborhood and would gather at the door of any mail truck unlucky enough to come through the turkeys’ turf.

Wild Turkey Attacks Dental Office

In March of this year, one Fair Oaks, California dental office experienced a wild turkey attack. The massive bird smashed through the office’s window and started raising hell. It was so bad, in fact, that receptionist Donna McDonald told said she thought it was an earthquake.

A wildlife expert said the wild turkey probably saw its own reflection in the window and attacked, thinking it was a rival.

Tame Turkey Attacks Luke Bryan’s Wife

In 2020, Luke Bryan’s wife experienced a turkey attack, but the bird wasn’t wild. It was their domesticated turkey named Al. The bird attacked Caroline Bryan and hit a tendon in the back of her leg. The aftermath of the attack was bad enough that she needed medical treatment.

It is important to note that wild turkeys are bigger, stronger, and more aggressive than their domesticated counterparts. So, if a tame turkey can do that kind of damage, a wild one could have done much worse. Do your part to keep America safe this year, and put a wild turkey on your Thanksgiving menu.