Wildfire Smoke: Experts Urge U.S. Citizens to Look into Air Purifiers

by Shelby Scott

It’s wildfire season in the United States and in response to the increasing amounts of smoke and smog, health professionals are highly recommending residents to the area invest in air purifiers. Certain areas of the west are experiencing blanketing smog and smoke as the fires continue to burn. Denver metro in particular right now is suffering from high exposure to high amounts of smog.

Experts say that individuals who suffer from asthma and other respiratory conditions are sure to soon experience some negative effects. Nonetheless, those who don’t suffer from respiratory issues should still consider getting an air purifier for the home because the amount of harmful particles and chemicals getting inside is quickly increasing. Overall, the Denver population must be concerned with the effects this sort of issue can have on a person’s lungs.

Keith Jordan is an air expert at Super-Tech Filter and has studied air quality issues over the past 15 years. Additionally, he was born with asthma and understands the risks being posed to Denver citizens. He recently gave Fox21News readers a brief rundown of what is taking place with the smog blanketing the area.

How Can the Metro Area Avoid the Toxins From the Wildfire Smoke?

In the article, Jordan stated, “The average person drinks 3 liters of water per day and we prefer filtered water, but we breathe 9,000 liters of air per day, and nobody pays attention.” For readers, this is a wake-up call for sure, but which air purifiers will best help keep the air in our homes clean?

Jordan took his time to detail every important aspect of a well-functioning air purifier. He explained the consequences of what happens when your lungs are left doing the work. If you decide not to install any sort of air purifier in your home, your lungs then become the filter. Considering the toxins overrunning the city, citizens should take his advice seriously.

First and foremost, “any air purifiers that use HEPA filters can clean your home of bacteria, allergens, viruses and harmful chemicals found in smog” from the wildfire smoke. Additionally, Jordan urges consumers to do their research before purchasing an air purifier and take into account the machine’s reliability rather than its appearance.

What to Look for in a Proper Air Purifier

Jordan highlights two major qualities for a well-functioning air purifier. The first is that, whether shopping in stores or online, individuals need to check the product description. Here they can see what the Clean Air Delivery Rate(CADR) is. In simple terms, the CADR manages how quickly an air purifier can properly clean the air in a single room. Hence, larger rooms should have purifiers with higher CADRs while smaller rooms can work at a lower CADR and still properly clean the air.

The second factor is the purifier’s MERV rating. The MERV rating basically tells consumers what kind of harmful particles the machine is able to handle. According to Jordan, the higher the MERV rating, the better off consumers are.

Denver citizens should take their time and do their research. If they base their purchase of the machine on the above factors, the harm caused by the wildfire smoke should be kept to a minimum.