Wildfires: Fawn Fire Nearly Contained After Destroying 185 Buildings

by Madison Miller

After an absolutely devastating summer, and an entire year, of massive wildfires, we’re left with a lot of damage. In this past wildfire season, there were over one million acres burned in the state of California alone.

The newest wildfire in California is the Fawn Fire, which has been spreading through the remote forested areas near Shasta Lake for about a week.

New California Wildfire Massive Damage

The Mercury News reported that the wildfire is now contained to 90% and those who were forced to evacuate are now being allowed back into their homes. Luckily, this past week in California had much lighter winds. This made it easier for firefighters to battle the flames before they grew too out of control. Extreme weather, including dryness, strong winds, extreme heat, and sporadic lightning, all make for deadly fire recipes. These conditions have worsened due to growing climate change concerns as well.

Although the Fawn Fire is just about contained in only a week, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t enough time for devastating destruction. The fire stretched 8,578 acres, destroyed 185 different structures, and injured three people.

“It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster with weather playing into it. Fortunately, we made it through that — and the fire stayed within the containment lines,” Cal Fire Shasta-Trinity Unit spokesperson Cheryl Buliavac said.

It’s been a rough summer for firefighters and officials all across the West Coast this year. They continue to battle long-burning fires like the Caldor Fire and the Dixie Fire. These wildfires are getting a lot of resources thrown at them as everyone desperately looks to get these fires completely contained. Since these nearby fires are increasing in containment, the Fawn Fire continues to receive the resources it needs quickly as there is less competition for them.

At one point, 2,000 people stood to counteract the flames right along the lake.

While this Fawn Fire is mostly at complete containment, it’s only a fraction of the state’s concerns. There are still 11 active fires and more than 10,000 firefighters there assisting. Not to mention, wildfire season usually sees a drastic peak in October.

Cause of the Fawn Fire in California

Although many of the wildfires in the state started naturally, the Fawn Fire supposedly did not.

According to CNN, Alexandra Souverneva is facing a felony arson charge. There is also enhancement of committing arson during a state of emergency in California tacked onto those charges. If she is guilty, she’d be facing around nine years in prison. The investigation, as well as parts of the fire, however, are still ongoing.

She was allegedly trying to hike to Canada. While doing so, she started to boil drinking water out of bear urine. This is what may have caused the fire to start, but she is currently pleading not guilty.

The fire started on September 22. Now, many people are coming back to destroyed homes and acres of scorched land. “We are aware that there are possible additional fires here in our county that she may be linked to as well as other charges in other fires, statewide. My office will not hesitate to prosecute (any) person who either intentionally or recklessly starts a fire,” District Attorney Stephanie Bridgett said in a news conference.