Wildlife Research Center Receives Gold Award for Hunter Scent Elimination

by Matthew Wilson

Most humans are smelly. No, you probably didn’t forget deodorant (always good to check). But like most creatures, humans have a natural scent. That can make hunting difficult when your natural musk gives you away before you’ve even seen a deer or other animal.

But the Wildlife Research Center is ready to help with that problem. There are many odor maskers and eliminators on the market. But the Research Center’s Scent Killer Gold promises to eliminate 99% of the odor. The research center recently won the Gold Award in the smell elimination category for Predator Extreme Reader’s Choice. Hunters selected the product as their top choice.

Despite its name, it’s not a bad sequel to an Arnold Schwarzenegger film. Predator Extreme is actually a magazine that caters to hunters and outdoorsmen everywhere. For the past 25 years, the magazine has offered game strategy, hunting tips, and how hunters can become the ultimate predator. The magazine said it trusts the Research Center’s product to be top of the line.

“It is our extreme passion to provide hunters with the best scent and scent elimination products. And help them to be more successful in the field,” said Mike Griffith, General Manager for the Wildlife Research Center.

Wildlife Research Center’s Product Eliminates Scent

How does this Scent Killer Gold Hunt Dry Technology Plus work? The eliminator comes in a spray bottle for easy convenience. The blend of ingredients reportedly gets rid of a wide range of smells including human odor. Additionally, the spray is most effective after it dries.

How effective is it? Rutgers University reportedly did a study on the product to test its odor killing properties. The university found that it was 99% effective at preventing human odor up to 20 days after drying. The company also offers a money-back guarantee on the product.

The product is currently on sale on Amazon for $11.99.