Wisconsin Deer Season: This Store Holds Annual ‘Orange Friday’ Tradition

by Shelby Scott

The holiday season is officially upon us and many Outsiders await Black Friday to start their annual shopping. However, hundreds of deer hunters in Wisconsin just celebrated an annual tradition of their own and we can’t help but be a bit envious. Deemed “Orange Friday,” Green Bay Area stores welcomed hunters and outdoorsmen early Friday morning before many went out hunting Saturday morning.

According to WeAreGreenBay.com, this Saturday marks the opening day for Wisconsin’s nine-day gun deer hunt. That being said, dedicated hunters were eager to prepare on Friday. Before they headed out Saturday morning, Green Bay’s area Fleet Farm stores opened their doors at 6 a.m. Friday to numerous excited sportsmen.

Like Black Friday sales across the nation, Fleet Farm’s Orange Friday sales follow much the same routine. However, the sales are specific to area hunting and outdoors shops. The stores function the same way, with hunters earning special deals as they enter the doors.

According to the outlet, the first 500 people score the best, earning a limited addition Orange Friday hat, each year. Additionally, each customer receives a special scratch-off that can earn them up to 50% off their items. Sales on the tickets range between 10% and that 50% off mark.

Further, the Orange Friday tradition has been a staple to the area since 2012. The nine-day gun deer hunt, like in most regions across the country, is long looked forward to. However, hunters amp themselves up each year on the Friday before, purchasing the necessary goods to help reign in the biggest buck.

As the gun hunt kicks off, Fleet Farm area stores marked their tenth annual Orange Friday.

Deer Takes Refuge in Church Amid Hunting Season’s Opening Day

Deer season ensues across the country, and we are excited to hear about Outsiders’ successful hunts and trophies this year. And while several hundred lucky Wisconsin hunters celebrate opening day with some new gear, our hoofed opponents have found new ways to avoid the worst of the season.

Most recently, one cunning buck took refuge inside a southern Michigan church. Despite our rivalry, we can’t help but commend the creature’s endeavor.

Footage of the impressive 10-pointer shows the creature as he navigates the church’s auditorium. He climbs the staircase, maneuvers pews, and, eventually, finds his way back out. According to the clip’s videographer and narrator Pastor Amanda Eicher, the explorative deer found its way in by smashing through the auditorium’s window.

Why the animal chose to make such a dramatic entrance, we can’t be sure. Although the Michigan pastor observed that while the buck did not appear to suffer any gunshot wounds, it was bleeding slightly, which surely came from its entrance through the window.

Fortunately, none of the church’s pastors nor the deer seemed too worse for wear. Although, we can only hope that, after such a valiant effort to preserve its life, the deer was able to find another way to seek safety as hunters took to the woods.