Wisconsin Hunter Gets Himself in Big Trouble After Bagging Dream Buck Out of Season

by Matthew Memrick

It was almost too good to resist, but a Wisconsin hunter paid the price for bagging a dream buck out of season.

Shell Lake resident Scott Schutta had come across the 20-point buck on his trail camera before. After years of missing it, Schutta got his chance. He took his bow and took that deer down.

However, Deer and Deer Hunting opened him up to many problems, including fines and citations.

Also, many area residents knew of this buck. I’m sure they wanted that buck, and Schutta’s prize fueled their anger.

Bowhunter Takes Buck And Breaks The Rules

So, Schutta took down this beautiful buck and tried to make it a legitimate kill. One of the problems was that the animal was out of season. 

The state’s antlered season goes from Sept. 18 to Jan. 9, while there are two antlerless deer periods (Dec. 9-12 and Dec. 24-Jan. 1)

Schutta tried to cover his tracks, faking the registration to date before the antlerless season. Also, authorities found out he shot the deer over bait in Burnett County. That’s another no-no in the deer’s county of origin because of chronic wasting disease.

WKOW reported that the man killed the famous Wisconsin deer with his bow, and that’s not legal during the antlerless season. Finally, he used corn to lure the magnificent deer into his line of sight. That’s another no-no, as baiting is not allowed in counties with known cases of chronic wasting disease. Also, nearby counties with the disease are off-limits for baiting.

How did Schutta shoot himself in the foot over this prized deer? He took a picture of it and sent it to his buddies. Of course, news of a 20-point deer would get out, and the wildlife officers started asking questions.

Dream Buck Lands Hunter In Hot Water

Ah, here comes the punishment part. The man lost his deer to DNR wardens. They plan to show it off on their wall of shame, intending to show other hunters why following the rules matters.

The state government agency takes that wall of shame to events like the Wisconsin Deer and Turkey Expo.

Schutta got three citations and $1,100 in fines.

Former Deputies Caught In Poaching Case

Two former Mineral County sheriff deputies recently faced charges after being caught in a poaching operation.

A group of eight West Virginians illegally killed 27 bucks and the total operation and 223 poaching-related violations. One of the charged people includes the father of one of the deputies. 

This investigation came after an anonymous tip in November. One suspect killed a buck while using a spotlight. The West Virginia Natural Resources Police looked through his social media accounts before going to his house. There, they recovered several illegal deer