Wisconsin Hunter Shares Rare Moment Crossing Paths With Massive Buck Months After Capturing on Trail Cam

by Kayla Zadel

Things like finding the deer you see on a trail camera are a rare occasion. However, this Wisconsin hunter was able to track down the buck just six months later.

Russell Arcand first saw the deer he nicknamed “Corkscrew” on a trail camera on Sept. 10, 2007. Then just six weeks later, the hunter actually saw the buck again when he was out hunting. As a matter of fact, the deer was only a half mile away from where originally saw him.

Arcand took the deer and sent in photos to Bangor Daily News to prove that things like this happen on a rare occasion. It’s not often that hunters find the deer they see on trail cameras, especially during hunting season. The fact that something like this happened 13-years ago and something like this hasn’t been shared recently, proves the rarity of the event.

Click here to see the photos of Corkscrew and then Arcand with the buck a month later.

Check Out These Apps if Your a Hunter

With the rise in banning trail cameras, hunters are using different resources to find their prized mount. Now there are several different phone apps that aid hunters on their missions.

If you’re a private land hunter or hunting on your own land, there’s the HuntStand app. It allows you to find private property lines and offers extra features.

Maybe you’re a planner and like to lay things out before your hunt. BaseMap allows hunters to lay out their mission before setting foot on land. Additionally, the app offers in-depth weather and species range map features. 

For first time hunters we recommend Powderhook. It’s a mapping app, but also offers a social media side to let hunters connect with likeminded individuals. Furthermore, this technology is also great for fishing.

If added features are your thing, then ScoutLook has some of the coolest added aspects. It maps, offers weather forecasts, and offers a deer log. But the most exciting feature is the ScentCone. It uses technology to predict which way scent will travel.

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