Wisconsin Man Rescues Deer Stranded on Frozen Reservoir

by Jennifer Shea

A Wisconsin man staged a risky rescue when he saw a doe trapped on a frozen reservoir this Tuesday.

Gil Lencour had been driving home for lunch in Cranmoor, Wisconsin, about 20 miles east of Wisconsin Rapids, when he spied the deer out on the icy reservoir. 

Wisconsin Man Rescues Deer

“She was struggling and I knew she needed help to get off the ice, I didn’t even think twice about it,” Lencour told WBTV. “She needed to get off the ice and I was the only one around to help her.”

Lencour hurried home to get a leash, thinking he might pull the deer onto dry land. And he called his friend John Moss to come and help.

But Lencour didn’t have much luck with the leash. And as soon as Moss showed up, the deer got anxious and started trying to stand up. Lencour placed his hands on her to try to calm her down. And that’s when he got the idea.

“I just kind of put my hands on her and started pushing her,” he told WBTV. “I could slide her across the ice and just kept going, and got to the shore and she took off.”

The Risk Pays Off

Lencour estimated the deer weighed about 90 pounds. He had taken a chance that the ice would hold both his weight and hers, but it did. And so Lencour, sporting ice cleats, managed to slide the doe to shore.

Meanwhile, Moss had decided that Lencour had the situation covered. So he pulled out his cellphone and filmed the rescue effort.

“Obviously right away I was out there to help him but after he had it under control, then I was there for the show,” Moss told WBTV.

As Lencour and the deer approached the shore, he couldn’t help but grin.

“I had a big smile on my face, I was happy that she was able to run off on her own,” he told WBTV.

They had to push the deer a few times more. Then it got up, ran up the bank and raced back into the woods.

“It was great to see that he was able to get her off the ice,” Moss said. “Who knows how long she was trapped there for and how long she was struggling. It was great to see her finally get back into the woods.”