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Wisconsin Man Tried To Enter Elephant Enclosure at Zoo To ‘Impress Daughter’

by John Jamison
(Photo by Richard Blanshard/Getty Images)

What won’t a father do to impress his daughter? Well, a Wisconsin man tested those limits on April 7. He tried hopping the fence to an elephant enclosure at the Milwaukee County Zoo.

Apparently, Armond Bullocks waited until the zoo was almost closed. Then he climbed over the locked outer fence. He was perched atop the inner fence when he was finally spotted and stopped by zoo workers. They caught him just in time, as his legs were dangling over the enclosure.

Tim Wild, Curator of Large Mammals, said, “The individual was stopped from going where he really could have gotten hurt.”

And you don’t have to be a zoo curator to know that mixing it up with 8,000-pound African elephants is a bad idea.

“This was our smallest elephant involved, she’s still over 7,000 lbs., close to 8,000 lbs.,” Wild added. “There are a number of accounts of people who work with elephants who have been killed or badly injured by them.”

Evidently, the 27-year old Wisconsin man failed to learn anything from the Harambe situation in 2016.

In fact, some of the staff thought Armond was actually inspired by a man who successfully made his way into the San Diego Zoo’s elephant enclosure recently.

Wisconsin Man Sets Bad Example For Daughter

According to the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office, Armond Bullocks tried hopping into the enclosure so that he could impress his daughter.

Thankfully, no one got injured in the ordeal. But the Wisconsin man was reportedly fined $263 and got a citation for trespassing. Not the most impressive result there, Armond.

One of the more knowledgeable zoo visitors said, “I’m glad that they yelled at him in time and that he didn’t make it all the way over the fence. We’ve actually been to Africa, and someone in the village that we were near got trampled by an elephant and died.”

Yeah. Putting yourself in a position to be trampled by the largest land animal in the world? Not the best example a father can set for his impressionable daughter.

If you plan on attending a zoo in the near future, please don’t be like Armond.