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Wolf Attacks More Cattle, Puts Colorado Ranchers on Edge

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by Mahmut Serdar Alakus/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

With wolf attacks occurring more frequently, Colorado ranchers have grown anxious. Late last week, wolves attacked another cow this week outside of Walden. This is also where ranchers have been on alert since a string of attacks on cattle earlier this winter.

Unfortunately, ranchers at the State Line Ranch had to put down an 8-year-old pregnant cow after finding her covered in blood and unable to walk.

The ranch isn’t too far from a cattle operation run by a man named Don Gittleson. He also lost his two cows to wolf attacks in December and January. The Colorado Sun reports that wolf attacks that migrated from Wyoming come before Colorado’s planned reintroduction to gray wolves. Colorado Parks and Wildlife also confirmed wolf predation.

Colorado cowboy Ben Zak takes care of the 700 cows at State Line. After getting up early on Tuesday morning, he discovered one cow lying on the ground. After taking the cow to the vet, he made the tough decision to put the cow down.

He knew a wolf attacked the cow because of the several wolf tracks surrounding the cow, and many bite marks along its body. “Horrible. She was in bad shape,” said Zak. “It was really torn up on the back end.”

The state agency recently found six wild burros, two gelded jacks. and four jennies on Gittleson’s ranch. They hope these creatures will end up fending off wolves. After adjusting to the high elevation and winter temperatures of North Park, the burros will join Gittleson’s cattle herd.

Wildlife officer Zach Weaver shared information in a news release and confirmed that Gittleson is looking after the animals. “Don is monitoring the animals. He’s paying attention to how much they’re going inside to warm up. They’ll gain more hair as they need it.”

Yellowstone Wolf Pack Takes on Elk Stampede

The events in Colorado were not the only wolf attacks against animals in the past few months. Late last year, a video on Facebook shows a pack of wolves in Yellowstone National Park attacked an entire stampede of elk. USA Today’s For The Win reported the video of the event was captured from a mile away. The grainy video shows both species crashing into each other. Viewers end up watching as the wolf pack surrounds and attacks a lone elf. So, yeah—not the best day to be an animal without pointy teeth or sharp claws.

The caption reads, “We were fortunate enough to witness the Junction Butte Pack successfully complete a hunt in the Northern Range of Yellowstone.” The post then continued with, Only 10% of the time are wolves successful in their hunts, so to be able to see the entire sequence unfold was incredibly special.”

This is certainly not my favorite animal video on the internet. However, if you like to catch the events in action, click here and proceed with caution.