Woman Dies After Falling Off Cliff During Hike in Utah

by Amy Myers
Photo by: BSIP/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Yesterday, Utah officials received a call regarding a woman who had fallen off of a cliff while hiking. Unfortunately, she died due to the injuries she sustained.

On March 27 at roughly 1:00 p.m., a hiker contacted the Sevier County EMTs and Search and Rescue when his wife fell off of a cliff during their hiking trip. The woman was 26-year-old Candice Thompson, Utah. The two had been hiking near an area that locals know as “Bulls Head,” west of Richfield where the woman was from. Thompson fell between 75 and 100 feet off of the hiking trail. Immediately after, her husband ran down the cliff to get her and called 911.

Soon enough, first responders arrived at Bulls Head, including on-duty Richfield City Officers and an off-duty Sheriff’s deputy, who began life-saving measures. EMTs and Search and Rescue also called a medical helicopter to the scene, but they could not stabilize Thompson’s vitals to be able to transport her this way. So, they took the victim via ambulance to Sevier Valley Hospital where medical personnel continued administering emergency care.

Unfortunately, according to the Sevier County Sheriff’s office, the injuries were too severe.

“Despite the efforts of the first responders and hospital they were not able to overcome the significant injuries sustained in the fall and impact,” the Sheriff’s office stated on Facebook. “While the investigation is ongoing, evidence at the scene indicates the fall was an accident and foul play is not suspected.”

In the comments of the post, Sevier County residents shared their condolences and prayers for the family of Candice Thompson and her husband.

Missing Montana Hiker Found Dead Just a Day Before Utah Woman Dies from Fall off Cliff

Further north in Montana, Park County officials received a call about a missing hiker last Wednesday. Craig Clouatre, 40, was hiking near Six Mile Creek with his friend when he went missing. The two had split up with a designated rendezvous point in mind, but when Clouatre didn’t show, his friend alerted authorities.

On Thursday morning, search teams began looking for the hiker.

“We don’t typically put people into the mountains in the dark on an initial look,” noted Sheriff Brad Bichler.

Unfortunately, on Saturday, the sheriff’s team discovered the tragic end to Clouatre’s story.

“It is with a very heavy heart that I am writing this update,” Sheriff Bichler shared in the statement. “After an extensive search this morning we have located Craig.”

Clouatre had died from what officials believe was a grizzly bear attack. Bear attacks have happened in the area in the past. However, typically, these are not fatal.

“Please keep his family and all those involved in your thoughts and prayers,” the Sheriff added in the statement.