Woman Discovered Living in Tent After Disappearing in Utah Canyon 6 Months Ago

by Anna Dunn

Authorities recently discovered a woman who was missing for almost six months. They found her living in a tent, surviving on moss and grass. Unbelievably, the unidentified 47-year old managed to brave the cold winter months in the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest in Utah.

The Sherrif’s office put out a statement regarding her condition. “This woman… had lost a significant amount of weight and was weak, but she was apparently also resourceful.”

“Resourceful” may be an understatement. She managed to survive an entire winter in the wilderness, a wilderness that regularly reaches freezing temperatures. Authorities found her after their drone tasked with searching for her crashed into a tree in the Utah Canyon, Diamond Fork Canyon.

Sergeant Spencer Cannon, Public Information Officer for the Utah County Sheriff’s Office, told The Daily Mail, “She was resilient and managed to survive over the coldest months of the year, sometimes the temperature hits below zero. She’s an amazing woman. In my 30 years involved in search and rescue, I have never seen anything like this,’

Authorities believe that the woman, likely suffering from mental health issues, chose to live in Diamond Fork Canyon. She survived off of grass, moss, a small amount of food she brought with her, and water from a nearby river.

Search for Woman found in Utah Started Months Ago

The search for the woman began in November of 2020 after forest service officials found her abandoned car at a Utah campground. During their first search, authorities found an abandoned tent that contained items that identified her. However, nobody ever reported the woman missing. Sheriffs were unable to contact her family.

Finally, the Sheriffs got answers. Upon searching for their drone, they found an old, flimsy tent. Authorities were in awe.

“The zipper of the tent opened and there was the woman.” They said.

Thankfully, the woman was evaluated by Utah health professionals on site.

“We want to be clear that while many people might choose to not live in the circumstances and conditions this woman did, she did nothing against the law,” authorities said. Furthermore, Sheriff Cannon told The Daily Mail something similar and that they don’t typically charge for overstaying at a campground, just making a mess.

‘The camping area was very tidy and well-kept which is unusual in that regard. Criminally speaking there was nothing that would have drawn our attention to her’ Cannon said, re-iterating the statements that she wasn’t facing charges.

Thankfully, a drone crash and some luck brought people the answers they needed. In the meantime, the woman is free to return to the forest if she wishes.

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