Woman ‘Eaten Alive’ By Bears After ‘Storming Off’ During Forest Wedding

by Shelby Scott

While some wedding ceremonies certainly are unbearable, one Russian woman has most likely lost her life after storming off from one she was attending. Some worry she was viciously eaten alive by bears.

Officials said the 24-year-old woman, Yana Balobanova, had stormed off into the woods during the forest wedding. She left right after getting into an argument with another guest. She reportedly made emergency calls from the middle of the woods, but local authorities couldn’t locate her.

According to The Sun, trackers were using dogs to sniff out the woman’s scent. The dogs became fearful and nervous when her scent crossed paths with that of some brown bears. The outlet also said that the search team saw several bear tracks in the area. The heavy scent scared off the dogs, rendering them almost useless in the search. The collection of prints led authorities to believe Balobanova had been attacked, and possibly eaten, by the group of bears.

Yana Balobanova’s Situation Looks Bleak as Authorities Confirm Bears’ Presence

Search efforts continued over the last month. However, Wildlife Inspector Andrei Sakulin said, “It is no longer possible to hope that the woman will be found alive.”

While the thought is unfortunate, the woman’s situation looks incredibly bleak. Searchers found footprints from a mother bear and her cubs in the area. Anyone with basic knowledge of bears knows that a mother bear can be incredibly dangerous. Sakulin further said, “If a person accidentally finds themselves between a bear and her cubs, the predator can attack immediately and harshly, without growls and warnings.”

The wildlife professional also said that male bears can behave aggressively this time of year too. Overall, the search may turn up with nothing. As the article said, if the woman was in fact attacked by these predators, they could have also buried her remains.

Additionally, there’s a good chance the woman just was unable to survive in the wilderness alone. According to her father, she had no experience doing such a thing before. Her father confirmed, it “was possible a bear got her.”

What Not To Do In Case of an Encounter

While the media waits to hear any news about the woman’s disappearance, things don’t look like they’re going to end well. Besides that Balobanova likely encountered an aggressive mother bear, it’s also likely she didn’t know the proper way to avoid an attack.

According to a CNN article, you should never run from a bear encounter. However, in Balobanova’s case, more than likely, this was her escape method, if she even had the chance to run. The National Park Service says that you should instead slowly move sideways. It won’t threaten the creature and you can also get away without tripping. Bears give chase to fleeing animals as it’s how they hunt, so running away will not provide the safest option.

Despite what they do in the movies, the article also said not to climb trees as all kinds of bears excel at climbing. The NPS tacked on that most bears don’t want to attack, but prefer to remain alone and unbothered.