Woman Falls to Death in 50 Foot Canyon at Zion National Park

by Halle Ames

A young woman at Zion National Park, unfortunately, fell over 50 feet to her death after hiking the area. Authorities have just recovered her body.  

A Facebook post has identified the woman as 26-year-old Cassy Brown, a guide at Zion Adventure Company. Police say that she fell anywhere from 50 to 80 feet, resulting in her death. 

Zion National Park Investigates

On Sunday night, Park Rangers recovered Cassy Brown’s body at the bottom of Mystery Canyon in Zion National Park. According to People, rangers at the park launched a search and rescue mission based on reports from park visitors. One day later, Brown was located. 

However, Zion National Park posted a press release on Twitter last night noting the difficult recovery mission. 

“According to preliminary investigation, the female was canyoneering in Mystery Canyon and sustained injuries consistent with a high elevation fall. A rescue helicopter was dispatched to the scene but unable to extricate the Patient due to the steep, narrow walls. Park Medics were able to reach the Patient shortly before she succumbed to her injuries.” 

Facebook Identifies Cassy Brown

Tom Jones, a former employee of the Zion Adventure Company, created a Facebook post for his friend. He said that Cassy Brown was making a solo descent of an “easy” canyon in Zion National Park. However, her rope, unfortunately, became stuck on a rappel. Jones said Brown ascended the rope but that it released, and she fell, which led to severe injuries. 

Jones revealed on Facebook that “another party came along about an hour later and found her semi-conscious. They sent someone out to alert Zion SAR, who responded quickly. While trying to position the rescue helicopter for a short-haul, Cassy died from her injuries.”

Tom Jones explains how experienced Brown was at canyoneering, but notes that there is always a risk in the sport. 

“Cassy was one of the most capable canyoneers I know,” Jones wrote. “Canyoneering solo always carries greater risk, but for a very competent canyoneer, Mystery Canyon is a mild solo. Getting your rope stuck can happen to any of us. Ascending a stuck rope is a risky endeavor, only to be undertaken when all other options have been exhausted. In a trade route canyon, waiting for the next party to show up is often a good choice.”

The Zion Adventure Company has Brown’s photo featured on their site. In addition, the company had her listed as a guide and outfitter.