Watch: Woman Eats It While Running From Bison, ‘Plays Dead’

by Hunter Miller

A visitor at Yellowstone narrowly escaped a dangerous encounter with a bison. The woman tripped while running away from the massive animal but managed to confuse it by playing dead.

The video, originally uploaded in July of this year, shows two people taking off at a full sprint when a bison begins to charge. While the person in front runs away, the woman behind falls on the ground.

“Play dead, play dead,” voices off-camera shout to the woman. She then lays completely still causing the animal to slow down.

As she lies on the ground, the bison hops around her and sniffs her for a matter of seconds. Shortly thereafter, the animal gets scared away and runs off.

According to local MTN News, the incident took place at Nez Perce Creek in the Wyoming portion of Yellowstone. The federal lands also stretch into Montana and Idaho.

The woman who took the video, Cloie Musumecci, claims the woman that tripped was a Montana local. Musumecci says she knew to “play dead in that situation.” Furthermore, she adds that the woman survived the incident “without a scratch.”

Since being posted on the Internet, the video racked up more than 2.7 million views on YouTube.

More on Bison Attacks at Yellowstone

This most recent incident marks one of several run-ins with bison at Yellowstone this year. Earlier this month, one of the enormous animals attacked a woman, completely ripping her pants off.

In a statement, Yellowstone bison biologist Chris Geremia spoke about the dangers of getting too close to the animals. “Bison are wild animals that respond to threats by displaying aggressive behaviors like pawing the ground, snorting, bobbing their head, bellowing and raising their tail,” Geremia said, according to Today. “If that doesn’t make the threat (in this instance it was a person) move away, a threatened bison may charge.”

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