Woman Panics Finding Huge Bear in Her Car, Bizarrely Tries Trapping It in the Vehicle

by Michael Freeman

We’ve heard fairy tales and seen cartoons involving picnic baskets and bears, but never do we see something like it in real life. That changed Sunday when a woman carrying a basket of food to her car found a bear inside and tried trapping it. To top it off, video footage captured everything.

After returning to her Lexus with food, a woman saw her driver-side door was open. Peering inside, she witnessed an unlikely intruder. After spotting a bear, she tries to close the door on the animal and trap it inside. Despite her efforts, the bear overpowers her and opens the door. Frantically dropping the food she’s carrying, the woman screams and runs away while the bear calmly exits the vehicle.

The video posted to Twitter already has hundreds of thousands of likes and commenters are having a field day after watching the footage. One commenter writes “So if y’all walk into your house and a bear is just chilling on your couch, you mean to tell me you’re not gonna close the door then run?”

Another suggests the bear was docile and could have been scared off. Nonetheless, that’s easier said than done when face-to-face with one. “Not that I would mess with a bear but black bears are the most docile. They just chilling looking for your food. They don’t want the smoke really. Thats why the bear ran away too lol. You bang some Pots and pans together and almost any black bear will run for its life.”

Many commentators also pointed out the parallels to fairy tales and dubbed the woman “Little Red Riding Hood.” Regardless, it’s fortunate she and the bear weren’t harmed.

Grizzly Bear Picks Fight with Mountain Goat and Loses

The woman encountering the bear in her Lexus expressed fear and panic, as most of us would. However, if a recent story is anything to go by, she may want to adopt a mountain goat to fend off bears.

Over Labor Day weekend, a hiker discovered a grizzly bear’s body a few feet off Burgess Pass Trail. The bear appeared to have bled out after a deadly encounter. The attacker was an unlikely culprit: a mountain goat. The bear suffered deep puncture wounds, one beneath each armpit and one in the neck. It turns out the wounds corresponded to injuries sharp mountain goat horns would inflict.

Wildlife ecologist David Laskin spoke to Rocky Mountain Outlook about what typically happens in these situations. “Grizzly bear predation of mountain goats is relatively common, and I guess the mountain goat was successful in this instance and turned the tables on the grizzly.”

Though the bear was small for her species, the prey becoming the predator in situations between bears and mountain goats isn’t an ordinary occurrence.