Woman Tells Police a ‘Possum is Holding Her Hostage’ in Her Home

by Jon D. B.

O’Possum, My Possum: New Zealand has at least one highly-aggressive possum on their hands, and it held this woman hostage.

Not to be confused with our North American opossum is this marsupial from the other side of the planet: the possum. Unlike here where their marsupial kind is rare, possums are common in the land down under where marsupials make up a large chunk of mammal species. The same goes for Australia’s neighboring stand-in for Middle-earth, the beautiful New Zealand.

It’s on this island nation that a young possum would chase a local woman into her house after attacking her leg. And every time she would show her face through a window, the marsupial’s rage would increase.

“I had put my stuff on the veranda and as I was heading back to my car… I heard this rustling,” says the woman to NZ’s Stuff. She’s a University of Otago post-graduate student, but doesn’t wish to be named. Her incident, which occurred at a property on Blacks Rd, took place in Dunedin’s North East Valley at around 11 PM this past Sunday.

“I thought ‘that’s weird’, and as I was taking stuff from the back seat something ran up my leg,” she continues. “I pulled it off me, thinking it was a cat, and then I saw it was a possum.”

As odd as the attack sounds, it gets even more bizarre. The woman says the animal “kept on charging at me,” and was relentless in its pursuit. She grew up on a farm where possums were a common sight. But nothing could have prepared her for this.

New Zealand Police Respond to Possum ‘Hostage’ Situation

As she ran for cover in her home, the possum would follow in hot pursuit. Any time she would show her face, the marsupial would charge the glass. And this is when the woman felt it necessary to call animal control; rightly so.

In a bizarre turn of events, her local animal control would refuse to come handle the zealous possum. They referred her to police as a result.

She then tried the Dunedin Central Police Station, but couldn’t get her call through. Left without any other options, she called NZ’s emergency number with the stranger-than-fiction words: “I’m being held hostage by a possum.”

To make matters even more Hollywood, the responding officer would show up with a “torch” to deal with the marsupial. The two could only communicate through a window out of sight of the raging animal. But this didn’t last long. The possum shot for the officer and climbed up his leg, too.

It’s worth noting, however, that the officer did not come to a residential home with a blow torch. in New Zealand, a “torch” is a flashlight. The officer would then use his trusty torch to stun the possum, placing it into a box. And just like any other bandit, the woman would watch her assailant “being carted off in the back of the police car.”

Authorities would then relocate the little possum to the wild, but not before nicknaming it “the Blacks Road ripper.”

We can’t make this stuff up, Outsiders.