Woman Tries To Feed Duck Decoys in Front of Hunters in a Blind: VIDEO

by Shelby Scott

The world is full of well-intentioned individuals who like to feed the local wildlife. However, it appears on occasion, those intentions interfere with the habits of hunters. In one recent case, those intentions may appear as baiting ducks. Check out the clip and you’ll understand.

Essentially, we see a woman attempting to feed decoy ducks which she, at first, seems unconvinced are actually decoys. She chucks a piece of bread or two in the water before the hunters occupying the blind capture her attention. The recording of the unique event shows both hunters politely asking the woman to stop.

USA Today states the hunters discourage her seemingly innocent act as it would be clarified as baiting within a hunting area.

In the clip, viewers, which number more than 200K over on TikTok, can see the woman admonishing the hunters for even participating in the sport.

“You would spend all this money just to murder a duck?” the woman asks. “They never did anything to you.”

Her comment entices the pair of hunters to rile her up more. One replies with, “We eat them,” and the other with, “They’re delicious.”

Comically, the woman exclaims, “Buy it in Wegmans!” before she stomps away. Meanwhile, viewers took to the comments to share their thoughts on the interaction. One pointed to the irony of the woman’s statement with, “Buy it in Wegmans? Regardless one way or another someone is killing it.”

Get Acquainted with the Mallard Duck

As you can vaguely see in the video clip, the hunters harassing the woman harassing the hunters have set out decoys to lure in, presumably, mallards. The mallard, as the most common and widespread species of duck, is broadly sought after by hunters when in season. Interestingly, as a result of their commonality, the mallard duck holds the title for the ancestor of most domestic duck breeds.

For Outsiders who’ve owned domesticated ducks before, or simply caught a pair during mating season, you know these feathered fiends have quite the bite when it comes to snagging a mate. While, romantically, the pair of mating ducks will generally mate for life, the path that leads to that coupling is often violent.

Mallard ducks have been known to charge at competing individuals in efforts to assert dominance in claiming a mate. They also have no qualms in ripping out feathers and tearing at another mallard’s chest if deemed necessary.

Another interesting tidbit regarding the mallard species is that, despite their adaptability to various environments and their location around the world, their overall population is on the decline. Currently, regulations allow the claiming of only 10% of mallard ducks during hunting season.