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Woman Wakes Up To Discover 12-Foot Snake in Her Bed Trying To Eat Her

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Wise Lum/ Getty Images)

A massive snake was found in the bed of an Australian woman as she was sound asleep.

Lea-Ann Mears is the unlucky woman (and almost snack) to the 12-foot serpent.

Too Close for Comfort

The story that is years in the making goes as so. The nonvenomous Austrian scrub python was originally tracked by researchers at Macquarie University in February of 2014.

In March, the python had moved nearly 300 feet to outside Mears’s house. She has two young children, ages one and three-years-old. Due to its location under a shipping container, it could not be removed and relocated.

The leader of the University’s research, Daniel Natusch, warned Mears to protect her children by closing and locking all the windows and doors of their rooms. However, due to a heatwave, the woman left the door to her own room open. She was awoken at 2:28 a.m. not due to the heat, but because the massive monster had slithered into her room and had her right leg in its grip. It proceeded to coil around her body in a way that Natusch describes as a “predatory attack.”

Breath quickens with fear

Mears somehow manages to escape the python’s grip and trap it in the kitchen. She was not seriously injured.

Here is the part we are still a little confused about. The snake was then released the next day, only 650 feet away from the home.

WHY SO LITTLE? Why not 5,000,000 feet from the house at the bottom of the ocean?

So what happens next? Glad you asked.

Being only a hop, skip, and a jump away, the snake came back to the house. By January, the snake chose its next victim, the family dog. The dog was not killed but left unconscious and had to be resuscitated. This time, officials moved the snake to a farther location.

Snake Attacks were “Freak Mistakes”

Natusch, however, doesn’t blame the hungry snake, calling the situation a “freak mistake.”

“The threat has always been there for children, just like the threat of a pet dog snapping at a baby/toddler can cause irreparable physical damage where it only causes a minor cut for an adult person. I do not believe it is reasonable to consider scrub pythons any more of a threat to humans as they already were”

It should also be noted that while the snake is 12-feet long, it only weighs 10 pounds. Therefore, the snake would not have been able to eat either Mears or the 55-pound dog.

“Even after the snake realizes that it has seized a small part of a much larger animal, it may retain its grip because releasing the hold may allow the potential prey item to retaliate; and if the prey is killed, the snake may take the risk of attempting to ingest it,” said the journal Austral Ecology.

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