Woman Who Reportedly Keeps Feeding Wild Coyotes by Hand Being Sought by Animal Control Officials

by Madison Miller

It’s a simple rule that many people have an extremely hard time following — do not feed the wildlife.

Whether it’s putting out food in your backyard to attract local wild animals or approaching an animal at a national park with food in your hands, both are awful ideas.

Yet, people still do it. Not only is it dangerous, seeing as wild animals are in fact wild and therefore incredibly unpredictable, but the food itself could harm the animal.

Animals can also lose their fear of humans and become incredibly bold and aggressive in search of food.

An example of this all is a woman in San Francisco that feeds raw meat to coyotes by hand. The San Francisco Animal Control officials in the area are looking for her. As of now, officials are using social media to try to find the woman.

San Francisco Woman Feeding Coyotes

According to Field & Stream, the woman is pictured sitting at Bernal Hill, which happens to be one of the highest points in San Francisco. In the video, the woman is holding a tray that is lined with raw meat and then covered with aluminum foil. The intent is to feed it to the coyotes that live in the Bernal Heights Park area.

Coyotes have become extremely common in San Francisco, or a least in the streets. There are only about 70 to 100 in the area. There are more attacks reported, similarly, coyotes in the area will be caught stalking children or biting.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Inspection Service came to town after a gruesome incident earlier this year. A coyote charged toddlers five times while at the San Francisco Botanical Garden. It was euthanized after being determined a threat to public safety. The animal had routinely been fed by humans over the years.

As for the woman feeding the coyotes, she’s a part of this ongoing problem in California. The woman will receive a warning when caught. Any additional violations will result in fines. “This is 100 percent a human problem. We have too many people feeding coyotes or trying to befriend them. Ultimately it ends badly for the wildlife,” Virginia Donohue, the executive director of Animal Care and Control, told the San Francisco Chronicle.

Coyote’s ongoing fearlessness is also making people nervous, given the fact the animals linger closer and closer to people.

Man Suing After Bear Scare

Meanwhile, a man from a North Lake Tahoe town in Nevada is now suing. He went to open a dumpster and found a bear inside. The man went running but tripped. The result was a full-thickness tear to his Achilles tendon and spinal cord compression.

According to The Sacramento Bee, he is now suing Incline Crest Condimoniums Association Number One and Waste Management of Nevada, Inc. for $15,000. His claim is that the dumpsters were not wildlife-resistant, despite knowing about the town’s bear problem.

Bear are common in the area and there are an estimated 600 black bears in Nevada. Many have learned that people equals food.

“Bears that are accustomed to getting food from human sources, such as unlocked dumpsters, can become too bold and lose their fear of humans,” the California Department of Fish and Wildlife said regarding the situation.