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World’s Longest Rabbit Named ‘Darius’ is Missing

by Madison Miller
(Photo Adam Gray / Barcroft Media via Getty Images / Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

The world’s longest, as well as one of the most beloved, rabbits named Darius has unfortunately hopped its way into missing rabbit status.

Unfortunately, authorities do not people he did so willingly or on his own.

Darius is a massive and fluffy Continental Giant rabbit. In fact, he holds the Guinness World Record as the longest rabbit in the entire world and has done so since 2010. He weighs in at about 50 pounds and is four feet long. He went missing this past weekend, but authorities are hoping that he will be easily spotted due to his abnormally large size.

Everyone is hoping the rabbit is safe and that both local authorities and even everyday people will hop into action to be on the lookout for the lovable rabbit.

Now, Darius is missing as of Saturday from his garden pen in Stoulton, England. Darius’ owner, Annette Edwards, is currently offering a $2,750 reward for the missing rabbit. She believes that someone went into his enclosure and stole him. Edwards fears that whoever took the rabbit is hoping to make money off his overall uniqueness. The individual could try breeding the rabbit. However, Edwards says that he is well over the age of breeding at this point.

In the past, Darius’ own offspring has died tragically. According to USA Today, his son Simon died while aboard a United Airlines flight going from Britain to Chicago. Simon died during transport. Simon was on his way to a new home with new owners. The owners sued the airline claiming that it cremated his remains to avoid revealing what killed the animal.

Darius, a Loveable and Expensive Rabbit

According to The New York Times, Edwards herself has made a career out of breeding rabbits. In the past, she has held four world record titles for the massive size of her animals and has sold offspring for about £250 each (about $355).

On his own, Darius is worth quite a small fortune. He was insured for $1.6 million and even had his own personal bodyguard at one point. That bodyguard made $100,000 to take care of a rabbit. Although, it’s unclear if Darius had a bodyguard on duty when he was stolen.

“It is believed the Continental Giant rabbit was stolen from its enclosure in the garden of the property of its owners overnight on Saturday,” police said, according to The Telegraph.

She has posted on Twitter asking whoever took the rabbit to “please bring him back.” The two were infamous for traveling across the country together. In fact, she would often dress as Jessica Rabbit for public events. This means she has pulled on that iconic red wig, elbow-length gloves, red dress, and platform shoes to travel with a massive rabbit.

According to a 2010 Today interview, Edwards said that Darius acts like a dog. In many ways, it’s not surprising given the sheer size of him. Edwards paid $16,000 for plastic surgery to achieve how she felt she wanted to look for her role as Jessica Rabbit.

“Darius is very healthy. He has lots and lots of exercise and a very good, balanced diet. He’s King Darius. He’s a very famous bunny,” Edwards said. For safe measures, she added, “He’s a very big boy.”