Yellowstone National Park Bison ‘Stay in Their Lane’ While Rumbling Past Motorists

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by William Campbell-Corbis via Getty Images)

On Thursday (November 2nd), Yellowstone National Park bison encouraged everyone to ‘stay in their lane’ as they rumble past motorists in a social media video.

In a Facebook group dedicated to Yellowstone, one user shared the exciting video. “We were having such a great time in Yellowstone yesterday. Without the massive amount of traffic that usually happens in the park.”

The Yellowstone National Park visitor then revealed that he was traveling on Highway 212. Which travels west of the northeast entrance at Cooke City and Silver Gate. “It is opened year-round traveling to Mammoth and Gardner Montana. Not much snow there right now, but it’s coming.”

He then recapped how “local residents” came dashing through, so he had to pull over while they passed. “At least they stayed in their own lane.”

The Associated Press reported that the federal, state, and tribal officials have agreed to reduce the Yellowstone National Park’s bison herd by as many as 900.  The officials made a deal to have 600 to 900 bison quarantined, shot by hunters, or slaughtered during the upcoming winter so the animals won’t spread diseases to cattle. 

It was also reported that an additional 200 bison among the Yellowstone National Park’s 5,000 bison could be captured or hunted in the late winter if those numbers are met as well. The Bison population is also known to routinely leave the park and head north into Montana each winter. This migration raises concerns that the animals could spread brucellosis to cattle. The bacterial disease can cause cows to abort their calves. Although the disease may spread to people, it is rare in humans in the U.S. 

Yellowstone National Park Offers Trips On How to Stay Warm While at the Park During the Winter 

In a new Facebook post, Yellowstone National Park reveals how to stay warm while enjoying its areas this upcoming winter. “In Yellowstone, winter temperatures range from 0°F to 20°F (-18°C to -7°C) throughout the day!” The post reads. “Sub-zero temperatures are common, especially at night and at higher elevations. Be sure to check current weather conditions, pack proper clothing and equipment, and review winter safety tips before you arrive!”

Among the helpful winter tips on the Yellowstone National Park website include, enjoying the drive rather than walking around the parks; going on snow coach or snowmobile tours; making lodging reservations in nearby communities or at the Mammoth Campground; watching for winter conditions; and keeping a clear distance from all wildlife. 

The Yellowstone National Park website also states that most park roads are closed to personal vehicles during the winter season except for the road between the North Entrance in Gardiner, Montana and the Northeast Entrance to Silver Gate and Cooke City, Montana.