Yellowstone National Park Captures One of the Last Early Sunsets of the Season With Stunning Photo

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by: Jon G. Fuller, Jr./VW PICS/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Daylight savings is finally upon us. Before our days get longer, Yellowstone National Park managed to capture a beautiful early sunset. The national park is absolutely stunning year-round, but this early sunset was too good not to capture.

The national park chose to share the stunning snap on Twitter. “Last light of the day on Cutoff Mountain,” Yellowstone National Park tweeted. “With #daylightsavings coming up this Sunday, sunsets will be around 7:30pm.”

In the picture, we get a beautiful view of the park. We see melting snow on the ground and it contrasts perfectly with the fiery sunset in the distance. Soon enough, the days will be longer, and the park will be thawing out and getting ready for the busy season. Even though this sunset is gorgeous, we’re ready for warmer and longer days.

Yellowstone National Park Gears Up For 150th Summer

The popular national park is having a milestone year. As the first national park in the US, Yellowstone is getting ready to celebrate its 150th anniversary with visitors. The park will have a lot of different exhibits and tours for visitors to see.

2021 had historic levels of national park visitors. If last year tells us anything, we’re sure 2022 will be the same. In fact, many parks across the US are starting to open based on lottery systems only. This way, visitors still get a chance to see some of our country’s natural wonders without being overcrowded. There are other ways to avoid crowds at national parks, too.

However, Yellowstone National Park is settling in for a busy rest of the year. Campsites and lodges in the park are expected to be full throughout the entire 2022 summer and fall seasons. There’s no lottery, but the park has taken steps to make sure that campsites and lodges are prepared to deal with all of the visitors.

For example, Yellowstone’s Fishing Bridge RV Park was renovated last year to keep up with visits. Guest Services at the park’s North Entrance in Gardiner, alongside Fishing Bridge, are now prepped with 300 full-service hook-ups.

The Park Will Open Fully Thanks to Weakened COVID Protocols

There are 2,3000 available rooms in the park, and each one of them is refreshed and ready to take on the busy summer and fall seasons. In fact, there will be even more facilities open this summer than there have been in the past.

Of course, this is partly due to COVID rules and restrictions. Since the pandemic, available rooms at the park’s lodges have been cut in order to comply with mandates. As if fewer rooms wasn’t enough of an annoyance, showers at the campsites were closed, too.

This year, Yellowstone National Park is planning on operating like it’s a “regular year.” They expect that many of the visitors will do the same.