Yellowstone National Park Locals Fight ‘Unprecedented’ Flooding Tearing Through Montana: PHOTOS

by Jon D. B.

“Praying for Yellowstone National Park, Gardiner, Paradise Valley, Cooke City,” one Montana local begins as flooding worsens.

“Yellowstone is so special to me. It’s a part of my heart and a place I consider home,” begins Montana native Kimberly Taylor Mullin. “My heart aches for what they are all going through.”

As historic flooding of Yellowstone National Park and surrounding areas worsens, Mullin’s friend is sending shocking snapshots of the unprecedented water levels. “My friend sent me this photo of the campground we stayed at last year in Gardiner along the Yellowstone River. The river has taken over the campground. There used to be a big gazebo in that photo!” she cites on Facebook with an accompanying photo:

“Praying for Yellowstone National Park, Gardiner, Paradise Valley, Cooke City, my friends who live there, all the employees and tourists, and of course the wildlife and nature,” Mullin continues.

As for what’s causing the unbelievable water levels, Mullin cites an “insane amounts of snow late in the season mixed with torrential rains and the hot days in between that melted it all” for Yellowstone National Park. “There are mudslides, record water levels causing flooding, rock slides, bridges are collapsing and roads have chunks out of them.”

The National Park Service confirmed all of the above earlier this morning when officials moved to close the entire park to the public. As of now, all entrances to Yellowstone are closed until further notice.

Photos of Yellowstone National Park Flooding Appear Online After Park Evacuations

Before 9:30 AM local time, park visitors had to be evacuated from sections of the park as flooding tore through.

“Hmm, that’s not ideal! Record high flows on the Yellowstone River this morning,” posts the proprietors of Sweetwater Fly Shop on Facebook shortly after. Sweetwater also cites “heavy rain fell on melting snow” as the culprit.

“Luckily, our renters were able to get out safely this morning and the house is built high for just this. Stay safe out there, and the water should start to drop soon!” Sweetwater concludes.

If there is good news, however, it’s the absence of any casualties or injuries so far. But any resident of Montana should check the Montana Department of Transportation for road updates as flooding continues. The local forecast continues to call for rainfall, too. Conditions are only expected to worsen over the coming days.

Yellowstone National Park will continue to communicate on this hazardous situation as more information becomes available. Please stay safe out there, Outsiders!