Yellowstone National Park Nearly Had Population of Austin, Texas Visit in Record-Breaking August

by Kati Michelle

Yellowstone means a lot to us here at Outsider, both in terms of the thriller series and the National Park. If you haven’t gotten caught up with the recent release of Season 4’s trailer, what are you doing? And if you haven’t been to the National Park this summer? Well, that one we can understand. With the ongoing never-ending pandemic wreaking havoc on most major cities, people are looking for an escape. The great outdoors provide just that. The problem is, everyone seems to be getting the same idea. The over-crowding is real, folks. The National Parks Service even considered adding “Selfie Stations” not too long ago.

Actually, the National Parks Service just celebrated their birthday last month. After a record-breaking summer, their 105th birthday marked the celebration of more than one milestone, especially for Yellowstone. With so many people flocking to catch a glimpse of the screaming bison and elk rut, their numbers just surpassed those of anything they’ve seen in the past. In fact, Yellowstone National Park nearly had the entire population of Austin, Texas visit in a record-breaking August. More on that to come.

Yellowstone Numbers Set to Explode Like Rumored “Big One”

CNN reports that Yellowstone’s visiting numbers are up 4.5% since August of last year. This means the National Park hosted a whopping 921,844 in recreation visits last month. Now, the official population of Austin, Texas is somewhere around 962,000 so it’s not an exact match, but boy does it come close. Here are some other facts that might blow your mind. Through the end of August this year, Yellowstone National Park hosted 3,590,904 visitors. Actually, this recent August marks the first August in years to set new records. The last time Yellowstone saw anything comparable in terms of visitors takes us all the way back to August of 2017. During that time, visitors flocked to see a rare solar eclipse. What’s more, they’re actually on track for a yearly record and a 40% increase since last year’s totals, when the pandemic forced the Parks to stop operating for a little while.

Recently, Yellowstone also made headlines for murmurs and rumors surrounding the fate of a legendary volcano known as “The Big One.” While we should be safe on that front, the National Parks Service just isn’t sure what it will do about the climbing numbers. It’s hard to curb visitors when the revenue is so needed, and the upcoming season shows no signs of slowing down.

Fall Expectations

The National Parks Service expects this same influx of people and trends to continue throughout the upcoming autumn season. They’re asking people to keep a couple of things at the forefront of their minds. First, pick up your trash! Visiting our country’s beauty while disrespecting its natural gifts is just really lame. There’s no other way to say it. Next, be a good neighbor– if you can even snag an empty campsite, that is. Lastly, stay fire and animal aware. More people means more room for errors and careless mistakes. The National Parks Service wants you to enjoy your time, but safety is necessary in order to do so.