Yellowstone Wolf Pack Takes on Elk Stampede: VIDEO

by Shelby Scott

We well know things get intense out in the Wild West. That said, a pack of Yellowstone National Park wolves reenacted an iconic scene from the “Lion King” when they took on an entire elk stampede. And footage captures the climactic incident in all of its circle-of-life glory. For those more sensitive Outsiders, know that the clip captures some raw and potentially disturbing footage near the 30-second mark.

The captivating clip is silent and rather grainy, considering it was recorded from a mile away, according to USA Today‘s For the Win. In essence, it shows dozens of the large, hoofed creatures making a break for it across the national park‘s plains. While the iconic “Lion King” scene saw an onslaught of wildebeests crashing through the canyons of Africa, the elk here faced a rather different and far more graphic situation. Soon enough, viewers watch as the wolf pack surrounds and converges on one unlucky cow.

Though unfortunate for the targeted elk, the footage captures the natural cycle of life for Yellowstone National Park’s wild animals. The footage, recorded by Yellowstone Wolf Tracker, shared the rare footage on their Facebook page. The clip followed the caption, “We were fortunate enough to witness the Junction Butte Pack successfully complete a hunt in the Northern Range of Yellowstone.”

Further, we might imagine wolves at the top of Yellowstone National Park’s food chain. However, the post continued with, “Only 10% of the time are wolves successful in their hunts, so to be able to see the entire sequence unfold was incredibly special.”

Don’t mind me while I watch this scene unfold on repeat throughout the rest of the day.

Yellowstone Bison Fend Off Attacking Wolves

Wolves most likely account for one of Yellowstone National Park’s fiercest and most predatory creatures. Although, as Yellowstone Wolf Tracker states above, the canines are often unsuccessful in their pursuit of larger game. One August clip captured just that fact as a pack of the park’s largest creatures, a herd of bison, fended off wolves from feasting on one of their calves. Check it out.

The scene begins as the footage hones in on a single, dark-colored wolf. We watch as it sprints across the plains of the park. The videographer then captures its speedy journey for several long seconds before it finally converges on the herd. It then effectively separates the bison calf from its elders.

The small creature takes off in the fight for its life. Although fortunately for the bison baby, the wolf rapidly becomes discouraged when a handful of the herd’s massive adults cut in between the two. The large animals’ interference signals a quick end to the wolf’s pursuit of lunch.

Together, between the elk stampede and the bison hunt, it goes to show Outsiders that Yellowstone National Park serves as one of the country’s premiere spots for all sights and experiences purely natural and captivating.