Zookeeper Lets 8-Foot Alligator Lay on Top of Her Before Leaving Her an Unpleasant Surprise

by Matthew Memrick

A cuddle with a cute 200-pound, 8-foot California alligator named Darth Gator ended with an unpleasant but expected surprise for one zookeeper recently.

According to Reuters, Fountain Valley Reptile Zoo employee Juliette Brewer nearly got peed on by the gator. A video clip titled “Sometimes, I hug Darth Gator” starts with the 8-foot, 5-inch alligator on top of her. 

Things seem to go downhill from there, but while most people would be terrified of the massive beast on top of them, Brewer seemingly has no issues with the reptile.

@thereptilezoo Sometimes I hug Darth Gator 🐊 sometimes Darth Gator hugs me 😂 #alligator #reptile #animals ♬ original sound – The Reptile Zoo

TikTok fans watched the video with a mixture of horror and delight over the alligator. One viewer thought the zookeeper was too comfortable before something terrible could have happened. Another joked, “It’s all fun before he tears your face off.”

When A Gator Has To Go, It Goes

Brewer introduces her TikTok spectators to the alligator, saying, “This Darth. I have photos of him throughout his entire life, but he got me that time.”

She goes on to say that she “tried to hold him, but he refused.”

Seconds later, Darth Gator tries to move along in a hurry like there’s a bush that needs watering. As the alligator moves away from the zookeeper, a pool of water forms near Brewer’s feet. Soon, the woman realizes what happened and dodges the urine puddle, for the most part, saying, “Oh dear Lord, what happened.”

The website states that the viewers watched the video clip more than 5.5 million times.

Alligator Pees On Reporter

In a YouTube video from 2008, a Toledo alligator does its business on a reporter. This time, in what seems to be a live shot, a reporter holds a tiny alligator only to see his shirt get wet.

“Ok, we’re having an accident here,” the male reporter said with the camera in close view of the act. 

While holding the dripping alligator with two hands, the reporter tells viewers that his shoes are wet. An alligator handler stands off to the side.

In a more extended version of the clip, local alligator handlers would soon take the animal out of city limits after the television report.

The alligator seems to have a smile on its face. Do you think the reptile was nervous being on TV, or did he just know the right time when they went to the live shot?

Rare Alligator Attacks Reported Yearly

Reuters reported that fatal alligator attacks are sporadic. The Centers for Disease Control say there’s an average of one death per year in the U.S.

However, 56 deaths a year come from contact with hornets or wasps.

See an alligator in the wild or the street? Yeah, don’t make it feel trapped or cornered. The University of Georgia’s Savannah River Ecology Lab states that action will only make a gator react defensively.