Artist and Fashion Designer Travis Austin Talks Inspiration and Tours Nashville Storefront: Out of Office with Lindsey Nance

by Lindsey Nance

On this episode of Out of Office, Travis Austin takes us on a tour of his home, studio, and Nashville store-front. He explains how his artwork aims to gift people confidence they can wear; accesories that help push the ones wearing them to enter each day with a proud sense of self-love.

He was inspirational, to say the least. Check it out:

Travis Austin showed us his home art studio and his flagship store at 5th and Broadway in Nashville. He talks about his love for all things Jean Michel Basquiat, who he says changed his life for the better and inspired him to grow in his artwork.

I ended the tour with an amazing custom hat, featuring my favorite Bible verse. A beautiful way to wear my personal story around town.

Check out more Travis Austin custom art on his website or Instagram.