Breland Tells Outsider He is ‘In Service to the Song’ – Marty Smith Podcast

by Clayton Edwards

Breland is a young singer-songwriter who is bringing new perspectives to country music. You can hear a perfect example of his blend of country and hip-hop in his Platinum-selling single “My Truck.” Additionally, you can hear him on “Beers on Me” with Dierks Bentley and Hardy. He calls the music he makes “cross country” others call it “country-trap” those who know just call it good music.

Recently, Breland sat down with Outsider’s Marty Smith to talk about his career, his life, and so much more. The one major takeaway from their chat is that this up-and-comer has plenty to say and will say it in a style all his own.

Highlights from Marty Smith’s Chat with Breland

Early in the interview, Marty Smith asked Breland about his songwriting process. The singer-songwriter talked about making a musical bed on which to lay his lyrics. However, maybe the most interesting part of his process comes when he’s writing for another artist, which he has done multiple times to great success.

About writing for other artists, Breland said, “I have to kind of put myself in their shoes and see what I think they would want to say and what would resonate with their audience.” Then, he likened that writing process to screenwriting. “It’s kind of like if you’re writing a script for someone. You’ve got to think about it as an actor. This person is a character and you can imagine what that character might say and what that character might not say. The difference is, in this situation, it’s real people.”

Breland added that often he starts writing with a certain idea in mind but the song takes him in a different direction. About that he said, “The song wants what the song wants and I’m kind of in service to the song.”

No Ego, All Drive

In his short career, Breland has already racked up a string of achievements. In one of his first performances, he took the stage at the CMT Awards and sang a Gladys Knight song with the Empress of Soul in attendance. Additionally, he hit the road with Dierks Bentley and cut songs with Keith Urban. However, you won’t catch him letting his ego get in the way. “I honestly believe that if you’re writing songs and performing songs you should never have an ego. You can’t ever drink your own Kool-Aid because you have to be able to continue to relate to people. That’s what it’s all about.”

In truth, Marty Smith’s interview with Breland plays like a 40-minute-long highlight reel. Do yourself a favor and watch the entire interview above. This insightful young man is going places.

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