Jay Cutler and Jason Drink Gratis Beer and PBRs, Debate Fall Fashion Trends

by Chris Haney

This week, Jay Cutler and Jason took their beer show to Brentwood, Tennessee to Judge Bean’s BBQ joint. The guys are sippin’ on beers and enjoying some great food at the first establishment to carry Outsider’s own beer – Gratis American Ale.

As of now, Judge Bean’s is the only place that has Gratis on tap since they got a sneak preview of the brew. But that’s going to change next week as the beer is debuted at Nashville‘s Oktoberfest event. Following the event, the beer will be available as a wider release for locals and visitors to Music City.

As the guys enjoy their food and drinks, Jason had an all-important question for his friend, Jay Cutler. What is better: day drinking or night drinking?

“I already know my answer – day drinking,” Jay hilariously answered before Jason even finished his question. “I don’t even care what the next answer is. 100% day drinking, night drinking is the worst.”

Jay likes to get his fun in early these days. He prefers drinking during the day, having a nice dinner, and getting to bed at a decent time. Then, he wakes up feeling good and refreshed by the next morning.

“Really? But if you know you’re going out let’s say tonight, it gives you something to look forward to,” Jason said sharing his counter argument.

Jay wasn’t convinced. He’s sticking to his guns and going with day drinking all the way. And since the guys are having lunch, they might as well enjoy some day beers. Jason is having Jay Cutler try out a trend that’s going around these days, lukewarm Pabst Blue Ribbon beers. Let’s see what Jay thinks about this one.

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Lukewarm Pabst, Canadian Tuxedos, and Air Jordan 1s

We’re not even gonna lie, we didn’t know drinking room temperature PBRs was a thing until Jason brought it up. Jay Cutler seemed more than hesitant to give it a try once the beers were brought to their table. And we can’t blame him. But he was a good sport about it as he cracked his can and took a swig.

“PBR, buck up. Buck up, here we go,” Jason said as he took a drink of the lukewarm Pabst.

“Actually, it’s not bad,” Jay Cutler shockingly said. “I mean is lukewarm PBR the new jam?”

“I don’t know, I’m never putting it on ice again,” Jason answered.

Jason then had another question for his friend. He asked Jay how he feels about “jean on jean” with fall weather on the way. Basically he wanted to know if Jay is all for a Canadian tuxedo. For the uninitiated, he just means wearing a denim top with denim pants. Jason even went as far as calling it his “favorite outfit.”

“Oh, love it,” Jay confirmed. “I go like blue jean top, blackish jeans. I don’t do the whole uni-color ones.”

“What if I rolled in uni? You don’t care?” Jason asked.

“I’ve got a ton of respect for it,” Jay hilariously shared.

“Why do people frown on it?” Jason said.

“They don’t know style,” Jay concluded.

Finally, to end the show like we do every week, Jay Cutler and Jason compare sneakers. They both went with a classic old school model again for this episode – the Air Jordan 1s. Jason broke out a flashy and bright pair you could see from a mile away. He’s wearing the Air Jordan 1 Mid SE “Turf Orange” colorway with patent leather.

Next up, Jay is showing off a rare pair of 1s from 2009. He’s wearing the Air Jordan 1 Retro High “Boston Celtics” colorway. The shoe is inspired by Michael Jordan’s 63-point playoff game against the Celtics in April 1986. That does is for this edition of the Outsider beer show. Tune in next week for more brews and shoes. Cheers, guys!