Jay Cutler and Jason Try Out Two Beers, Including a Mexican Lager From NASCAR Legend Michael Waltrip’s Brewery

by Chris Haney

Things are finally starting to cool down in Tennessee after a scorching summer, and that’s welcome news for our beer-drinking hosts Jay Cutler and Jason. We’re back this week as the guys sit outside in a pair of rocking chairs sippin’ on a couple new beers we haven’t tried out on the show yet. But first, we’ve got another update about Outsider’s very own brews in the making.

Previously, we’ve already announced that Outsider is coming out with the Gratis American Ale. The guys have already enjoyed it on-camera multiple times on the show. However, we’re also coming out with the Gratis American Lager as well. Both beers are finally ready to release in Nashville during the first week of October. So, just a couple more weeks until Outsider’s first two beers hit shelves, and beer drinkers are gonna want to stock up.

This week though, Jay and Jason are continuing their beer-drinking journey with two new brews. They’re sippin’ on Michael Waltrip Brewing Co.’s Two-Time Vamanos Mexican Lager. Plus, the guys are trying out a classic seasonal beer from Sam Adams that’s perfect for the upcoming fall season.

First up, we’re tasting one of NASCAR icon Michael Waltrip’s beers. Michael Waltrip Brewing Co. launched two years ago in March 2020. The brewery has three flagship beers right now: the aforementioned Mexican lager, a blonde ale, and a coconut IPA. The guys are giving the Two-Time Vamanos Mexican Lager a try on this week’s show.

“I usually like Mexican lagers. That’s a helluva can,” Jay said as he opened the Waltrip’s Mexican lager.

“[I’m] in, I like it,” Jay added after taking a drink.

Jay Cutler and Jason Taste Sam Adams Octoberfest and Compare Sneakers

Next up on the beer menu today, Jason is taking us back to his college roots in Boston again with another offering from Sam Adams. Earlier this summer, the guys tasted another seasonal classic in Sam Adams Summer Ale. This week, with fall right around the corner, Jason is introducing Jay to Sam Adams Octoberfest.

Octoberfest is a bit darker than Jay usually likes, but it’s a smooth, easy-drinking 5.3% ABV beer. In fact, Jason was fully prepared for Jay to dislike the seasonal brew. But you never know until you try, so we’ll see how it turns out.

“So, I got some Sam Adams Octoberfest. You’re gonna hate this,” Jason predicted.

“I think I might like it,” Jay responded.

Jason told Jay to give him a high-five if he likes it as his first reaction to the beer. To his surprise, Jay immediately went in for the high-five.

“All day,” Jay said as he high-fived Jason after taking a sip of the Octoberfest. “All day. Are you kidding me? In this weather?”

“You’re getting way more manly now that fall is coming,” Jason joked with Jay.

Finally, the guys transitioned from beer to their second favorite portion of every episode – their sneakers. Although they didn’t mean to, they almost matched on the show this week. And the two friends are even jealous of each other’s selections this week.

Jason is wearing a newer pair of shoes he got recently, which Jay gave him a hard time about since they usually wear kicks from their collection. But even Jay had to commend Jason for his royal blue suede sneakers. Specifically, Jason is wearing a collaboration between sneaker boutique Bodega and New Balance. He’s wearing the Bodega x New Balance 574 Legacy in the Amparo blue colorway.

As for Jay, he’s wearing another pair of Nike Air Max 1s on the show. They’re Jay’s favorite sneaker model, and we can’t blame him. Those of you that tuned in last week saw the former NFL quarterback wearing a camo pair of AM1s. This week, he’s wearing a monotone pair of blue suede Air Max 1s with a gum sole.

We’re calling it another tie since both of their sneakers are on point once again. That’ll wrap things up this week, but make sure to come back for more brews and shoes soon.