Jay Cutler and Jason Drink Another IPA, Switch to Gratis American Ale Immediately: Watch

by Chris Haney
(via Outsider)

Jay Cutler has been a busy guy the last couple of weeks. He’s been moose hunting in Maine and is still trying to take down an elusive buck on his Kentucky farm with no success. So, Jason is back in full camo gear amusingly taunting Jay for his recent hunting failures. But at least he brought beers along with him as always this week on the new show.

Of course, before the guys get into their beers, Jason always has some hard-hitting questions for the former NFL quarterback. This week he’s asking what we’re sure everyone was just dying to know: boxers or briefs? Yep, here on Outsider’s beer show, we’re answering all your burning questions.

It’s 2022, so both of the guys have skipped boxers and briefs, and are all-in on the boxer briefs instead. They also agree boxers are the worst. Boxers might seem like a good idea in high school or college, but eventually you realize they’re awful.

“You probably don’t even wear underwear do you?” Jay Cutler hilariously asked Jason. “Does anyone actually still wear boxer boxers?”

“College kids do,” Jason answered. “It’s like a thing you do in college, then you realize they’re a pain in the a**. They ride up. So then you switch to boxer briefs.”

As the show continued, Jason amusingly noticed Gratis Beers‘ unofficial (or maybe official) mascot, Ron the Sasquatch. He just happened to be walking through the woods with a 6-pack of Gratis in tow. Jason readied his bow and arrow to take down Ron so he could have his beer. But then Jay Cutler reminded him that Ron was part of the team. All they had to do was ask for the 6-pack. Ron lives another day, and the guys got more Gratis ale. Everybody wins.

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Jay Cutler and Jason Wash Away the IPAs With Gratis American Ale

We’re starting to believe that Jason just likes to mess with his friend Jay Cutler. Once again, he’s brought another IPA for Jay to taste. And we all know it won’t go well since it never does. At this point in the show, Jay has a long history with IPAs and he’s yet to find one he likes even just a little bit. Is Lagunitas Brewing Company’s flagship IPA gonna be the one that changes Jay’s mind? Nope.

“Oh my gosh, why? This gets more painful,” Jay amusingly said as Jason handed him the IPA. Jay jokingly tried to pawn off the beer on a cat wandering around nearby. But he did at least like the can with the Lagunitas dog on it. Additionally, he remembers the California-based brewery from his time with the Bears since Lagunitas made its way to Chicago back then. He knows Lagunitas makes some good brews, but what about their main IPA?

“Nuh-uh,” a disgusted Jay Cutler said after not even finishing one sip and hilariously spitting out the drink.

“Tastes like soap,” Jason said as he threw the can to the side after one taste. “The good news is, I brought chasers to get rid of that nasty taste in your mouth.”

The guys laughed as they cheersed a pair of Gratis American Ales. Outsider’s new beer is currently releasing this week in Nashville first. We’re hoping to have a wider release soon, but for now give it a try anytime you’re in Music City.

Gratis Brews and Nike Shoes For the Win

As always, the guys compared sneakers to end Outsider’s beer show. Jay Cutler tends to have the advantage when it comes to shoes. Being a former NFL quarterback has its advantages like that. But Jason stepped it up this week when wearing the Nike Zoom Air Terra Sertig Boot in the taxi yellow colorway. The boots are part of Nike’s outdoor performance wear division, All Conditions Gear (ACG), and date back to the 1990s. Jason brought some classics for sure this week.

Jay also remembers the Nike ACG boots from the ’90s and thinks he had a pair. But what does he have in store for us this week? The former QB is going along with the theme of the show and Jason’s camouflage gear with a pair of Nike Roshe Runs in a tiger camo colorway.

“Don’t really love it,” Jay admitted about his sneakers.

“Eh,” Jason agreed. “They fit the theme.”

That’s a wrap on another Outsider beer show with our hosts Jay Cutler and Jason. Make sure to check out the whole video above, it’s a hilarious one this week. We’ll be back again soon with more brews and shoes. Until then, cheers, guys!