Jay Cutler and Jason Drink Gratis Beer and Play With Puppies

by Chris Haney

This week on Outside Beers, we’re trying out one not-so great beer and then washing away the bad taste with our very own Gratis ale. Plus, we’ve got Jay Cutler’s adorable dogs along for the ride. Furry friends and a good beer? It doesn’t get much better on the newest episode of Outside Beers.

The guys are hanging out poolside this week at Jason’s house, and Jay brought along two new additions to his family. He joked that the pair of pups were both small black bears before sharing that they’re actually Bernedoodles. The half Bernese Mountain Dogs and half Standard Poodles are named Charlie and Cooper. And even though they look cute as can be on camera, they’re puppies so they just wanted to explore and play around Jason’s backyard.

So, the guys released the hounds and got focused on the task at hand – beer. This week, Jason brought along a new brew for the guys to try out. We’re giving Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co.’s Kentucky Vanilla Barrel Cream Ale a try. As Jay said, “a lot of words” in that title. But how does it taste?

The cream ale has natural flavors added and is aged in oak bourbon barrels. Definitely a bit different from most of the beers we try on Outside Beers. After debating what “natural flavors added” even means, Jay and Jason take a sip.

“That is sweet,” Jason said as he shook his head and put the beer down after only one drink.

“Here’s what I would use that for – Christmas time. Dump some bourbon in it, a little bit of almond milk. Make a little egg nog with that,” Jay said.

“I mean, it’s not good,” Jason added.

The verdict is in, and our hosts are not exactly fans of the Kentucky Vanilla Barrel Cream Ale. So, we’re calling in reinforcements for Round 2 and enjoying our tried and true Gratis beer instead.

Jay and Jason Drink Gratis Ale and Show Off Their Air Max on ‘Outside Beers’

When in doubt, stick with what you know and love. And for Jay Cutler and Jason, that’s Outsider’s very own Gratis American Ale. Jason’s wife, Libby, was kind enough to bring the boys a round of Gratis beers, but he might be in the dog house soon instead of Charlie and Cooper if he keeps up his antics with his better half.

“So this is not filled with artificial flavors and all kinds of craziness,” Jason said as he drank his Gratis ale. “It’s just good, great beer. So cheers to you. I’ve gotta get rid of that flavor – fake vanilla.”

Jay’s completely content with his beer and Outsider cigar in hand. The guys keep sippin’ on their Gratis ales as the conversation shifts to sneakers, as per usual. It’s not often that Jason and Jay both like each other’s sneakers, but that’s the case this week.

Jason has on a pair of Nike Air Max 95s in the black/gold/white colorway, which he pointed out are Vanderbilt University colors. While Jason honored Jay’s university, the former quarterback is paying homage to deer hunting season with his shoe selection. Jay is wearing another classic in the Nike Air Max 1, but in a unique camouflage colorway. We’re calling this round of sneakers a tie.

That does it for another edition of Outside Beers. Tune in next week for more brews, shoes, and maybe some more pups too.