Jay Cutler and Jason Sip on Foster’s Lager, More Gratis American Ale: WATCH

by Chris Haney
(via Outsider)

Jay Cutler has returned home to Tennessee after a less than successful moose hunting trip in Maine. Jason stopped by his house and brought some beers to hopefully cheer his friend up after a miserable trek through the northern Maine wilderness with nothing to show for it. The guys joked that it was more of a hiking trip than a hunting trip. But let’s wash those hunting blues away with another cold brew on the newest episode of Outsider’s beer show.

The guys are sitting on Jay Cutler’s back porch and lounging around in the former NFL quarterback’s rocking chairs. Jason’s always got some burning questions for his friend to start out the show. And this week he wanted to know if Jay collects anything, but the caveat is it has to be free.

For example, Jason said he collects bird feathers when he comes across them to put in his hats. Of course, Jay had to give Jason a hard time before sharing his own amusing answer.

“That’s free? Painful hunting memories. Does that count? I’m just stacking those up this year,” Jay Cutler hilariously said.

Jason decided to open up the question a bit more to things they collect that cost money. Fans of our beer show know both the guys have impressive sneaker collections. But Jay goes on to share the story of when he used to collect watches when he was in the NFL.

He’s given up on that hobby but shared a funny story from his playing days. Let’s just say he went to charge a new watch to his credit card and didn’t realize there was an extra zero on the end of the price tag. You’ll want to hear that one.

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Jay Cutler and Jason Try a Foster’s Lager

Jason has brought a couple of huge cans of the popular Foster’s Lager from Australia. Everyone’s seen the commercials and ads over the years with the classic slogan of “Foster’s – Australian for beer.” Yet neither of the guys has ever tasted the imported brew. We’re changing that on today’s show. Jay Cutler and Jason both crack open their 25.4-ounce jumbo cans and give it a try for the first time.

“Crispy,” Jason said of the beer.

“Mmm, I’m in,” Jay said after taking a sip.

“That’s good beer, mate,” Jason added in his version of an Australian accent.

Finally, the guys chatted about the elephant in the room on this episode – Jason’s hair. Fans of our beer show know Jason’s not exactly blessed up top, but he miraculously has a full head of black hair this episode. Jay joked that he looks like Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite. But Jason swears it’s just a side effect of drinking lots of Outsider’s Gratis American Ale since it released two weeks ago in Nashville.

“The secrets out. This stuff is magic in a can,” Jason said of Gratis. “I’m just saying this is better than any beer. I try beers, I go back to this.”

“Everyone that’s had it said it’s very smooth,” Jay Cutler shared.

“And one other point while we’re selling it, it is 6% [ABV]. It will jump on you. Three or four and you’re in a good place in life,” Jay amusingly added.

The Guys Break Out Some Rare Sneakers While Sippin’ On Gratis American Ale

Per usual, to end the beer show this week, Jay Cutler and Jason are comparing their sneakers once again. Both of the guys have some rare ones on, but they’re also very different selections that share some similar traits. Both sneakers are based on old-school models from Nike that date back to the 1980s.

Jay loves the Nike Air Max 1, and it’s arguably his favorite sneaker. The shoe model dates back to 1987 and was the first in a long line of Air Maxs. This week though, Jay broke out a rare pair of Nike Air Max 1 Mids in navy and white to match our dark blue Gratis ale cans. The usual low-cut, old-school sneaker was made into a mid-cut shoe, which can’t be found in stores these days, so they’re rare indeed.

“Those are extra special,” Jason admitted. “Those are beautiful.”

Next up, Jason is wearing a popular brand within the sneaker community that isn’t entirely mainstream. He’s rockin’ a pair from Japanese fashion brand A Bathing Ape (or BAPE). Jason is wearing their BAPE STA MI #2 M2 in the light blue/dark blue colorway, which also matches our Gratis cans. The designer sneakers take inspiration from the classic Nike Air Force 1 that first released back in 1982.

The guys bring another episode to a close by saying, “Life… it’s better with beer.” And some cool sneakers doesn’t hurt either. Come back next week for more ridiculousness with Jay and Jason, and more brews and shoes. Until then, cheers, guys!